3 TikTok Trends That Will Help You Understand The App

You’ve heard all the talk, and you’ve seen the challenges, but what makes Tiktok so popular? For some, the app might seem like a place for young people to come together and do silly things. Is this true?

Of course! There are many fun and silly challenges taking place on Tiktok, but it’s so much more than that. Tiktok is a place for every vlogger to come together and enjoy trying new Tiktok trends and making new videos.

Are you still not sure what all the hype is about? Continue reading below for a list of several trends to help you understand the app better.

1. Food Trends

When you first think of the app, you most likely think of music and dancing, but there’s a place for food on the app as well! Some food trends you might see while browsing through Tiktok are as follows:

  • Washing your fruit before eating
  • Turning instant coffee into whipped coffee
  • Spicy food challenges

These are just a few food trends you might find. Who knew how disgusting it is to eat fruit before washing, or that you can make something so delicious out of instant coffee? These are the things you’ll learn on Tiktok.

2. Fashion Trends

Tiktok is also full of fabulous fashion trends too! Izea is a great way to find different influencers or youtube vloggers and have them promote your product on Tiktok. It’s a great way to advertise a product while having fun!

Some fashion trends to be on the lookout for are as follows:

  • Outdoors mirror selfies
  • Vibrant Party Wigs
  • Shake Photos

Tiktok users have been having a blast taking mirror selfies outside and wearing colorful wigs from party stores in everyday life. You can also find influencers posing with cool shakes, which help sell the product!

3. Mental-Health Trends

Mental health is a topic that’s becoming more and more normalized. Tiktok might be one of the reasons why this topic is more comfortable to talk about. On the app, you can find several mental-health trends, such as the following:

  • Advice from professionals
  • Skincare tricks and routines

That’s right, there are actual health-care professionals on the app that create videos to give advice to those in need! How amazing is that? There’s also tons of advice about skincare tricks and tips and different routines to try as well.

The best way to benefit from these mental-health trends is to follow the different professionals on the app.

Which Tiktok Trends Inspire You?

There’s an endless amount of Tiktok trends to be inspired by on the app. There are also many influencers and professionals you can follow for all the best advice on a variety of topics.

With so many different trends to try and influencers to follow, which Tiktok trends will you try first?

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