5 Tips To Make Your First CBD Joint

Rolling a crisp, fat joint is every stoner’s rite of passage. The feeling of smoking a perfectly rolled joint is simply unparalleled. The ritual that leads to excellent joints involves making good choices while picking raw materials and rolling them correctly. Here are five valuable tips to make a perfect joint your first time and every time after. 

1. Choosing The Right Strain Matters 

An essential part of creating a fantastic CBD joint is to choose an appropriate strain of cannabis. Not all strains are rich in CBD. Some have equal or high concentrations of THC that can induce psychoactive properties. If you wish to eliminate this effect and simply rejoice in the therapeutic goodness of CBD, then research cannabis strains. Look for varieties that carry a dominant concentration of CBD compared to THC. This way, you can receive the benefits of cannabidiol.

Avoid choosing strains with negligible or no THC unless you are allergic or reside at places where cannabis use is regulated. The power of cannabis lies in the entourage effect, where the cannabinoids elevate the properties of each other. Therefore, a small amount of THC in the buds can significantly improve CBD’s therapeutic impact, like CBD tincture to help you sleep more soundly. It will give a mild mood upliftment that can support deep relaxation and stress relief.  

Also, make sure to choose strains with a good terpene concentration that can also participate in the entourage effect. They also induce a drool-worthy flavor and aroma while smoking that can mask the pungent smell of cannabis. 

2. Invest In A Herb Grinder 

One of the most common mistakes while making a CBD joint is ignoring the importance of grinding the herb. Even experienced cannabis users often resort to crushing the buds manually. While these herbs are good enough, the difference in the particle size will cause them to burn unevenly. The joint will burn off much faster, without giving a smooth and comfortable feeling to enjoy. 

Herb grinders ensure you get fine, evenly sized herbs for your joint. As a beginner, you can invest in a low-cost model instead of a fancy, expensive one. There are plastic or metal grinders to choose from, and they come in different sizes and shapes. 

Do not over-grind the herb. Creating a joint with a fine powder of cannabis is not a good idea. The fine particles will shut air circulation within the joint that will keep it from burning smoothly. 

3. Inspect Your Rolling Paper 

The rolling paper is a crucial component for creating a joint. The right choice can make smoking quite comfortable and pleasurable. Rolling papers come in different materials, shapes, thicknesses, and even flavors. Each of them poses certain advantages over the others. 

For example, thin rolling papers are most appropriate to smoke CBD. It improves air circulation that enables better and controlled burning of the joint to enjoy slowly. On the other hand, flavored rolling papers are typically thick and help to mask the earthy flavors of cannabis. It adds a floral or fruity aroma to the joint that is quite fun to smoke. But this comes at the cost of inefficient burning. 

Similarly, the raw materials used in the rolling paper also determines its burning efficiency. While wood pulp papers are the vastly available variety, you can also consider hemp or rice papers. The increased popularity of wood pulp paper hails from its ability to offer ease of rolling and remain lit for long. But the material adds its taste to the joint and is also typically bleached, which causes improper burning. This type of paper is not sustainable either. 

In comparison, rice papers offer a steady burn rate and are almost tasteless. Experienced users often turn to hemp paper for the optimal experience in rolling, burn rate, tastelessness, and sustainability. 

4. Don’t Overlook The Filter 

Although most people say that filters are optional, they prevent dry flowers from entering your mouth while inhaling. Some rolling papers come with filters that can be easy to embed in your joint. You can also create your filter otherwise with a rectangular piece of paper.

The paper can be an old business card or any thick sheet to ensure good results. A heavy paper should serve the purpose well for the first few times. 

5. Master The Art Of Rolling

Practice makes perfect rolling. And perfect rolling ensures a wonderful cannabis smoking experience. Start by testing your fitter material to know if it is encouraging enough airflow. Place it in a rough joint and inhale to check if it is good. 

Spread the rolling paper and place the filter at any end. Add the ground herbs and align them into a proper line in the middle of the sheet. Make sure not to add too many herbs to avoid a mess. It can also restrict airflow, making it hard for the joint to burn well. With your thumb and index finger, roll the paper such that the sticky edge falls underneath the compact. Make sure the roll is closely packing the contents. Twist the other end of the joint to close it, and your masterpiece is ready for use. 


These are some useful tips that can help you create a fantastic joint from the very first time. Remember to never compromise on the quality of weed to ensure you always have a comfortable and safe cannabis experience.