Dr. Calvin Hirsch Discusses How to Prepare for Superior Geriatric Health

Dr. Calvin Hirsch Recently Discussed How to Prepare for Superior Geriatric Health.

Everyone hopes they will “age well,” and doctors often emphasize the importance of a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting checkups. Dr. Calvin Hirsch is a physician specializing in geriatrics education, psychology, and health. He recently explained several ways aging adults, especially those over 75, can prepare for superior geriatric health.

“We all hope we’ll age gracefully,” Dr. Hirsch said. “But bumps in the road are inevitable. Those who prepare are better suited to tackle those hurdles and enjoy better health in the geriatric years.”

Perform Home Adaptations

Taking a few safety precautions in the home can prevent injuries and keep individuals more active in their senior years. Experts like Dr. Calvin Hirsch recommend adapting the home with handrails on all staircases and in the bathroom. The kitchen is another common problem area for the elderly due to the possibility of cognitive decline.

Purchase appliances with automatic shut-off features, keep clutter at bay, and opt for plastic instead of glass when possible. Safety fixtures may not be necessary immediately, but making adjustments can prevent falls and other accidents.

Perform Safety Checks

Geriatric individuals should have a qualified professional come into the home annually or bi-annually to assess the home’s safety. This person can add safety features, remove dangerous items, and ensure there are no present water or gas leaks.

Make an Emergency Plan

Every home should have a list of emergency contact numbers. Geriatric individuals may need additional assistance, such as a personal alarm system, to call for help in an emergency. Another essential item is a cell phone that’s easy to use, with large buttons and font. Put emergency numbers on speed dial so the individual can call for assistance immediately.

Consider Alternative Housing Options

There is a lot of stigma surrounding retirement homes, but geriatric physicians like Dr. Calvin Hirsch explain that they can be excellent options for elderly individuals. These homes can even help them live longer and healthier lives.

Many retirement communities contain individuals and couples of mixed ages, allowing retirees to choose from stand-alone homes or apartments. They offer a variety of services, from game nights, happy hours, workout classes, and golf to coordinated healthcare and easy access to emergency aid.

Many elderly individuals find themselves more social and active in retirement communities, which promotes superior physical and mental health.

Calvin Hirsch and Geriatric Healthcare

Dr. Hirsch is internationally recognized for his expertise in geriatrics. He performed research in geriatric healthcare policy at Stanford University and ran the prominent UC Davis Geriatrics Clinic for 30 years. His decades of research have improved the lives of countless senior citizens and their families, and it will continue to do so in the years to come. 

Hirsch emphasized the importance of preparing for the geriatric years of life because simple preparation can lead to a much more fulfilling life.