How to Choose the Best Water Jet Cutting Machine

Waterjet cutting refers to a process, which uses high-pressure force from water to erode materials from a workpiece. It doesn’t need any physical contact of a workpiece with traditional tools. Rather it happens from a distance, and only waterjet streams make contact with workpiece materials.

Working Principle of Waterjet Cutting Machines

As mentioned, waterjet cutting machines use highly pressurized water so as to drill, cut, or shape materials. Similar to other cutting machines, water comes out of the nozzle and hits materials. This water runs through high-pressure pumps, making it possible to have a cutting capability.


There are two major types of waterjet cutting machines. These include abrasive and pure waterjet. The key difference is that abrasive waterjet often combines water streams with materials, like metals or garnet rock, to boost the power of a cutting stream.

This allows enough power to cut nearly every material, making it suitable for metalworking when manufacturing plants. On the other hand, pure waterjet cutting machines only use water to cut soft materials. You can also find other types of waterjet cutting systems besides these two types. These may include the following:

  • Hybrid waterjet cutting systems
  • Micro waterjet cutting systems
  • Robotic waterjet cutting systems
  • Portable waterjet cutting systems

Why Waterjet Cutting

Apart from tempered glass and diamond, the waterjet cutting machine can cut nearly every material, including aluminum. Plus, there are some composite materials, which a waterjet cutting system may cut just fine, and there are methods used to cut any laminated materials effectively.

In addition, it only takes one session with this system to produce the exact cuts that you want. Unlike other cutting methods, there will be no secondary finishing required with water jet cutting services.

Choosing the Best Waterjet Cutting Machine

Cutting machines comprise a working table as well as a frame supporting a cutting head. They are often used to cut panels, sections, plates, or sheets of materials.

Based on the materials you want to cut and the parameters of production, you may choose between a few cutting techniques, like plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, and laser cutting.

If you prefer the waterjet cutting method, it is best to choose the right machine. To help you choose the right waterjet cutting system, the following are tips to look at:

1. Consider How Complicated Cuts the Machine Will Make

How complex will you want the cutting job to be? If you have a cutting system specialized in complicated cutting jobs for custom parts, then choose a system with a fifth axis. This will enable you to produce more intricate cuts.

2. Check the Pump Size

The power of waterjet pumps is often measured in HP (horsepower). Normally, you will get 30HP, 50HP, 75HP, 100HP, and 150HP pumps.

A waterjet system’s power rating relates directly to a pump’s output. This means 100HP pumps can pump a large volume of water but not at a higher pressure.


Waterjet cutting is an excellent way to cut metals quickly to your desired shape in a more affordable way. However, before you choose any waterjet cutting service, you should first ensure that it is reliable and affordable.