The Rise Of Temporary Tattoos: From Festival Fad To Fashion Phenomenon

Getting a tattoo can be a great experience. You get incredible art on your body, and you can choose something meaningful. In fact, tattooing has been around for more than 5000 years now, even though it had different meanings in the past.

Things have changed, and tattooing techniques have advanced. However, not everyone can tolerate the pain of the needle or want to have the ink permanently embedded in the skin. Therefore, some people may be skeptical about getting a permanent tattoo.

Here is the good news: getting a tattoo without needles, piercing, and getting the ink under the skin is now possible. The solution is getting temporary tattoos that are painless, easy to apply, and can be removed after some time.

These tattoos were primarily used during festivals, but today, they are also helpful in fashion. Before we look at several design trends, let us dive into how to use temporary tattoos.

Tips For Using Temporary Tattoos

Anyone, adult or child, can get custom temporary tattoos instead of permanent ones. This is because they are easy to apply and don’t cause any health risks. However, temporary tattoos only look great if applied correctly and you choose the best design. Here is a simple application process to help you get the best tattoo.

1.   Clean the Skin

Natural oils can distort the tattoo. Therefore, before applying, ensure the area is clean-shaven and clean. You can use soap and water to clean the area you wish to apply the tattoo, then dry it.

2.   Choose the Tattoo Design

If you have bought the tattoos in bulk, you must choose the design you want based on who is applying or where you are going. For instance, if you are going to a night party, glow in the dark tattoos make a perfect choice.

3.   Lay the Tattoo Face Down

Lay the picture face down, on the clean area, and don’t move it around.

4.   Press a Damp Cloth

You can use a damp cloth or a sponge to press the tattoo for about a minute and make sure the tattoo is dry.

Top 5 Designs Trending Now

Even if you want a fun experience with tattoos, you can improve your style without trying too hard. They are stylish body art ideas you can add to your style to improve your overall appearance. For example, you can go for glitter tattoos for a kids’ party or metallic tattoos for a bold party. Here are five designs on-trend.

  • Lightning temporary tattoos
  • Butterflies tattoos
  • Colorful tattoos
  • Dotwork temporary tattoos
  • Floral tattoos

If you want to make everything stylish without putting too much effort, temporary tattoos are your best option.


Tattoos are trendy now, but it is good to have one that is creative or has a special meaning. Buying a tattoo can be difficult, but putting some effort into getting something that can add some vibe to your personality is essential. With these design ideas and how to use them, we hope it will be easy for you to buy temporary tattoos next time.

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