10 Indoor Entertainment Tips for Kids

When our lives are disturbed by COVID-19, we can only get stuck indoor for keeping the health of our families and ourselves. But when kids can’t go outside for playing, they may easily get cabin fever if parents just leave them alone. But a big challenge for parents is what can we do with kids at home? So we bring this review here. We list some indoor activities that are suitable for children to play at home. Check them and get ideas to accompany your children during this hard period!

1. DIY Things Following Tutorials

Children always love making handicraft by themselves. So parents can find some simple-to-make DIY tasks and do them with your kids together for spending time. It can also help to cultivate the imagination and handmade ability of kids. If you have no ideas of what DIY you can preapre for your kids, why not search for some on YouTube? There are also detailed tutorials to teach you how to make them setp-by-step. Using VideoHunter to download such tutorials for your kids to learn offline is also a good idea.

2. Hide-and-seek Game

Hide-and-seek is also an interesting and exciting game loved by many kids. Actually, playing hide-and-seek at home can be more secure than outdoor because there are more hidden dangerous in the outside environment. By pay attention to the safety of kids by making good preparation. For example, cover the edges of the tables for preventing children to get hurt; check whether there are some unfixed parts at home that children may not notice and getting hurt; lock those small and tricky places for not letting children to get into, and so on.

3. Bake Delicious Desserts

Indoor time is a good chance for making some delicious desserts and foods together with your children. By this opportunity, you can also teach your kids some basic baking methods to help foster their ability in making foods and lay a solid foundation for their future independent life. You can arrange your children to make some simple tasks and get them involved. For exmaple, decorating the cupcakes with creams; fully mix the ingredients together; put candies or M&M to the cakes, etc. Children will love to offer you help.

4. Experience Camp at Home

When we could not go outside for building a camp with kids, why not build it at home for having fun? You can build the tent in the living room, and set the background as if you were having a picnic in natural environment with your kids together. Cook delicious cuisine, bake cakes, and place tablecloth beside the tent. In this way you make kids feel like they are having a picnic as they used to have.

5. Play Puzzles

Puzzles are good items for children to play at home and it is so flexible that all people can do them on their own schedules. Just get the puzzles out and put them on table, then you and your kids and spend hours in getting the painting done! While playing the puzzles, it can also improve the collaboration, logical thinking and observation skills of your children.

6. Watch Cartoons Properly

If you want to play some interesting and educational cartoon episodes for your kids to enjoy, but don’t want them to get addicted to computers, a good way is to download the cartoon episodes offline and then play them on TV with parents accompanied aside. This also creates a family time for all of you to have fun in front of the televisions with interesting cartoon music background, thus making your living room to be more lively.

7. Create Colorful Paintings

Give some colorful pens and blank papers to your kids and let them paint their imagination on them freely! Creating colorful paintings is an indoor activity that is loved by not only children but also many adults. Why? On the one hand, it can cultivate your children’s imagination. On the other hand, adults also find it a good way to release pressure. So why not paint with your kids when you have to stay indoor?

8. Do Simple Science Experiments

If you hope your kids can learn more knowledge during this period, you can try to integrate the knowledge with some funny hands-on activities that you can do with them at home. Having some simple science experiments is a very good choice for parents to considerate. Kids always have strong curiosity towards the world around them, and by doing some easy experiments, you can tell them some scientific rules and let them know about the world better.

9. Hold A Fashion Show

Why not bring the stage to your house and hold a fashion show indoor if your kids really like enjoy performance or pay much attention to their own wearings? Sometimes a kid’s taste in wearing may surprise you! It will be fun to hold such an activity indoor with kids together.

10. Read Books Together

Purchase some children-oriented books and read them at home together when you have nothing to do. It would better for kids to read books instead of playing computer games or watching televisions for a whole day. Reading books can calm kids’ minds and by chance, you can also teach them how to stay quietly for keeping focus on books. This will help them form a good habits after they need to go to schools.

There are many interesting and funny things that parents can prepare for kids and even do with them indoors when we can’t go outside for playing. To make your kids’ childhood to be meaningful and educational, parents’ accompaniment is also important. When you run out of ideas of what to do at home with your kids, I hope this review can offer you helps.