4 Reasons Behind the Wireless Video Camera’s Popularity

If you are among that group of homeowners who own wireless video cameras, you are in good company. Millions of people around the world trust wireless video cameras to help them keep an eye on things when they aren’t at home. To say that the modern world appreciates wireless video surveillance is to state the obvious.

What might not be so obvious is why. Is there something above and beyond wireless convenience that encourages people to invest in cameras? It is probably safe to assume that most consumers who invest in video cameras do so for security reasons. But that still doesn’t explain the prevalence of wireless cameras over their wired counterparts.

Below are four possible reasons behind the wireless video camera’s popularity. They are mentioned in an SF Gate article discussing the best wireless cameras from Vivint.

1. They Work on Wi-Fi

Fully wireless cameras rely on battery power and local networks. The most popular network protocol is wi-fi. Why does this matter to consumers? Because a wireless camera on a wi-fi network can be accessed by a smartphone without using the consumer’s data plan. In fact, a consumer doesn’t even need to have a data plan to maximize the effectiveness of a wireless camera on a wi-fi network.

With a fairly modern smartphone and a companion mobile app, a homeowner can control their wireless video cameras with ease. They can monitor video feeds, change views, etc. without the need for any data. All they need is access to a wi-fi network.

2. Live Feeds from Anywhere

The fact that wireless cameras work on wi-fi networks opens the door to the remaining three benefits that have made wireless video cameras so popular. The second of those benefits is access to live feeds from anywhere. Simply put, wireless cameras make it possible to live stream video that homeowners can access regardless of location.

Are you planning a two-week vacation in the Caribbean? No need to worry about home surveillance if you have a couple of wireless cameras in your home. You can check live video feeds from the beach, your hotel room, etc.

Live video feeds make wireless cameras a good tool for keeping an eye and the kids while you are at work. They let you keep an eye on your pets and watch for packages being delivered to your front door. The possibilities are almost limitless.

3. Remote Control Capabilities

Next up is the ability to control wireless cameras remotely. This capability is obviously linked to the features a given camera offers. That said, picture an exterior wireless camera that can be adjusted for angle, zoom, etc. Because you can access the camera remotely, you can change the view anytime you like from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Remote access enhances function and convenience. You can arm or disarm cameras remotely. You can make use of onboard audio capabilities to interact with family members. The list goes on and on.

5. Real-Time Notifications

When security is the top priority, wireless video cameras have the distinct advantage of being able to send real-time notifications to homeowners. A home doesn’t even need to be equipped with a complete security system to maximize this feature. Individual cameras can send alerts on their own.

Wireless cameras have changed the home security and surveillance game considerably. For many people, they are indispensable devices in an era when more and more devices are being connected to the internet of things (IoT). So how about you? Are you among the millions who own wireless video cameras?