5 Marketing Tips For Tech Companies

There is so much competition online for technology and software development companies. How do you stand out from the crowd? With these proven marketing tips, we think you will soon have more business than you can handle! 

Use Unique Video Content

Companies understand today that marketing yourself with dynamic video content is a fantastic way to stand out from others. Video content works well for skilled software development and tech companies because most of us have time to watch a two or three minutes video about a software solution that could work well. 

If your company plans to make video content to sell its services, you should start with fantastic, original stories. Sure, your technical product is probably really impressive, but people react to interesting stories more than dry recitations of technical performance about a product or service. 

One way to tell a compelling story is to discuss how your software solution helps a certain type of buyer. You might show how a small business owner who is overworked is having a tough time handling all of their administrative and accounting tasks, but they can’t afford to hire more help. 

The video can show how the program you offer solves most of their problems at an affordable price. 

Write Blogs And Guest Posts

It’s always helpful to market your company by writing unique blog posts and guest posts bout important issues and challenges in the industry. This is, even more, the case with programming and software development. 

Also, your tech company should use link outreach and guest blogging as much as possible. Your software development company can provide content to other blogs and they will put guest posts on your website. 

Also, consider providing articles and blog posts on Facebook and Linkedin groups so consumers and businesses see that you provide valuable information in the software development world. 

Make Case Studies

When it comes to software development and other tech solutions, everything comes down to on-time and successful projects with satisfied clients. It helps to create informative case studies about past projects and clients. 

You should show potential clients that you have been successful in creating effective technical solutions for other companies and industries and you can do the same for them. 

In the case studies, it will be effective to focus on your product’s unique hardware or software, the skilled personnel you rely on, and perhaps how your solution is more cost-effective than others. 

Improve Customer Service

Marketing to prospective clients is really important. But did you ever think about how it’s easier to keep a current client than find a new one? The truth is, once you have someone who has bought from you, it’s important to do everything you can to keep them in-house. 

You can do that by upgrading your customer service. Have customers’ questions and comments answered as quickly as possible on the phone and social media. Also, provide as much help online to your customers by providing an extensive FAQ and instructions on how to use the product and handle troubleshooting. 

Remember, many people would rather get the information they need online without waiting to talk to someone, so offer helpful information to address their questions on your site and social media channels. 

Focus On Client Success Testimonials

One of the most effective marketing strategies today is to tell your customers about many of your satisfied previous clients.

Ask your past customers to give you a product or service testimonial. You can promote that feedback on your social media channels, and also have them posted on Google Reviews and Yelp. 

If your company tries these marketing and customer service tips, you should see more clients coming your way soon.