6 Cool Ways to Entertain Guests at Business Functions

If you host events or casual gatherings for your employees, there’s a good chance you can make those events even better with a little entertainment. Whether it’s a retirement party, a celebration for a promotion, or just a regular company holiday party, here are some fun ways to entertain your guests.

1. Have a Full Bar

Alcohol is fun but it can be a tricky thing to navigate at company parties, so before applying this idea, make sure you’re following the lease agreement as well as any other company policies regarding alcohol consumption. If you’re in the clear for alcohol, this idea might work for you.

First, get an outdoor bar for the area where you host your parties. Most businesses have a regular location for gatherings, so it should be easy to take measurements. If you get a modular bar, you can wheel it in and out as needed.

However, don’t just serve alcohol as if you’re an actual bar. Make it fancier. Hire a professional sommelier to serve a variety of wines and try to get someone behind the bar who can do some tricks. 

2. Have Self-serve Food

Food is always an appropriate source of entertainment. Most people will show up to company events expecting food, but if you make it self-serve and available the whole time, it will be an even bigger hit.

If you’re hosting gatherings on a large company campus, you may already have a kitchen with the option to have your staff cater the party. That’s one option, and it’s great for things like cold cuts and sandwiches. However, your employees probably don’t want to eat more of the same food they get in the cafeteria for lunch. Instead of catering with more of the same old meals, get a barbecue and appoint someone to make some simple, new dishes.

3. Have Live Music

At the very least, make sure you have a good sound system so you can play some music for your events. Even if it’s just a pre-recorded mix or you play something from the radio, it’s better than nothing. However, you can’t beat live music.

Having a live band play during your company events will make a huge difference in how people feel and how they remember the event. If you’re hosting a retirement party for a valued employee, it’s always worth the extra expense to get a band.

If you can’t find a local band willing to play within your budget, consider hiring a DJ. It will cost less because there won’t be multiple people to pay, and you’ll still get some great music. It just depends on the feeling you’re going for. There’s a big difference between a jazz trio and a DJ who plays trance mixes, so a DJ may not be right for you.

4. Hire an Actual Performer

There are two types of entertainment: active and passive. Having music in the background is a great example of passive entertainment, while hiring some kind of performer would be considered active entertainment.

Consider hiring a performer of some kind to captivate people’s attention and give them a great time. Some popular examples include hypnotists, magicians, and comedians.

5. Create a Casino Space

If it’s legal where you are, create an area for people to play casino games. Set up a blackjack table, a poker table, and a roulette wheel at a minimum.

Hand out a set number of chips to everyone as they arrive, but don’t involve money. Have basic prizes available, but keep it light and friendly, especially if you’re also serving alcohol.

If you really want to go all out, you can rent a casino for your party, but considering the cost, that’s ideal for fundraisers and charity events.

6. Host a Talent Show

You probably have a few employees who would love the chance to show off their biggest talent. Give them that chance by hosting a talent show at your next company event. You might find that some people have really unique, jaw-dropping, and even bizarre abilities.

Create unforgettable events

No matter what type of entertainment you provide, make it memorable for your employees. Give them something fun to remember about their retirement party or when celebrating their promotion. Don’t host boring company events just to go through the motions. People may not even show up if your events are that bland.

Your employees work hard for your company all year round and deserve to have fun at company events. Spend a little extra time and money to make your gatherings exceptional.