6 Things WordPress Does That You Never Knew

WordPress is a free Content Management System (CMS). This means that not only does it not cost any money; it is also free for anyone to contribute to (like Wikipedia). Because of this, people have spent more than a decade building thousands of WordPress plugins for you to use. There are tons of features that WordPress has that even the most dedicated professionals might not know about! Let’s take a look at a few.

1. Previewing Themes

Don’t worry about picking the wrong theme- you can preview how your website will look before officially applying a new theme.

2. Automatically split posts into multiple pages

Have you ever read a blog post that is so long, it was split into 2 or more pages? With WordPress, you can split a post automatically. No more worrying about having to reformat your long article before posting!

3. Automatic Media Embedding

Evan just a decade ago, embedding an image or video in a web page could be a hassle. Today on WordPress, it is as simple as cutting and pasting a URL. WordPress is flexible with its media formats, and can accept almost any common filetype- anything from MP4 to FLAC.

4. Add a Knowledge Based Help Desk

Having trouble managing all of your customer service requests? Sell a complicated, technical product? Get a help desk up and running in just minutes (there’s a reason they look practically the same on every website). That way, customers can look up solutions to their problems before reaching out to you directly. If you are confused you can take help of Boston SEO experts.

5. Get more likes and shares with a Social Content Locker

This plugin allows you to request that visitors like or share a social media page or post before they can view your content. This is a great way to not spread your content to people who might not want to pay for it, while increasing your social media presence at the same time. It’s a win-win!

6. Turn Your Site Into a Membership

If you run a subscription based service, you need a lot of complicated software to run the membership. Signups, logins, and payment details are all complicated. Thankfully, there are already plugins available that can help quickly set up a membership service on your website. Maybe you could combine it with the Social Content Locker, and add a freemium layer to your membership.

You will never run out of new features to explore in WordPress

That’s because WordPress is always growing and expanding. And even if you don’t find something that you are looking for, you can always develop your own plugins yourself, since WordPress is free. Maybe you could develop a feature no one else has ever seen before!
And if you really want a special plugin that no one has ever seen before, consider hiring a WordPress developer. Because WordPress is so popular, there are likely many local options for you to choose from. If you live in Boston, for example, there are probably more Boston WordPress developers than Boston Drupal developers. There are many Boston WordPress developers to choose from.