7 Pro Tips on How to Write Effective Blog Posts for SEO Value

Every successful marketing plan starts with implementing a successful blog strategy. It is important to recognize the inherent value blogs can bring to your marketing efforts and why certain types of writing styles have the ability to further expand your SEO efforts. Once learning the basics of what an effective blog post entails, you will have a better experience reaching and expanding your target audience. We connected with an SEO expert in Phoenix to help provide this valuable guide for those starting their own blog for their company.

Why Have A Blog On Your Website?

First, why do you need a blog? Well, your SEO rankings will be positively impacted with a consistent blogging strategy and plan. To start a blog, you will want to determine the type of writing style you want to go for. This will be based on your targeted audience and the industry you are in.

What Makes a Good Blog Post?

A great blog post is always rooted in valuable and resourceful content that is structured to inspire and inform your targeted audience. Most marketing strategies include a blog, so it is important to set yourself apart from the rest with the value your writing can provide to your readers.

A common blog style that can always provide value are “how to” blog posts. These kinds of posts provide helpful and actionable tips for your viewers to take advice from. Since most of your content will be educational, it is recommended to also keep the tone of your messaging friendly and exciting to keep the reader interested throughout your entire blog post.

Starting Your Blog Post

We all know that any blog post needs to include an introduction that captures the attention of your audience and hooks them in. But, before we start working on an introduction it is important to first recognize who your targeted audience is and define the ideal reader to be digesting your content.

Your targeted audience needs to be established so can strategically communicate a specific message that will resonate deeply with them. This is where creating your brand’s buyer persona comes into play.

Aside from defining your target audience, it is important to also identify the topics of intent on writing about. It is advised to plan your content in advance with a content calendar. This style of organization will ensure your strategic plan is executed in a timely manner and encourages consistency.

Titles and Intros…Oh My!

We mentioned before that your blog’s introduction is important. But so is the title! With the title and introduction, you are trying to summarize your post in a captivating way. Don’t be afraid to make some changes as you go. Sometimes when you start writing, you will be able to edit your title and introduction to be more fitting.

The goal here is to create a title that is concise, but exciting so the reader is eager to learn more about the chosen topic.

The Power of an Outline

The best approach to organizing your thoughts and main points is to create an outline of your entire blog post. This kind of format will ensure no details are forgotten and also ensures there is a strategic flow to the content you are presenting to the reader.

The best thing you can do when writing a blog post is to just dive in and start writing! Don’t be afraid to establish a voice and show your personality in your writing. Of course, your first draft will not be your final draft. But if you can just start writing, thoughts and ideas will naturally start flowing.

After you have started, you will want to take the time to proofread and edit accordingly. There are so many great tools out there that will help your posts, like a thesaurus and even online tools to check your grammar.

Go Out with a Bang

When it comes to ending your blog, there are a few different options. The most beneficial is ending your post with the proper CTA (call to action). This is also an opportunity to share a little bit about your company and create some exposure for your own services to invite the reader to learn more, with you.  Don’t forget to make sure your post is optimized for SEO with keywords and links. This always adds additional value to your blog.

Use a Professional Agency

With practice and experience, you will get better as you go. But if you are still scared to start a blog yourself, leave it up to the professionals. A digital agency in Phoenix can write blog posts for your company. Most agencies have experienced writers on board that will not only write stellar content but make sure it is complete with all of the necessary bells and whistles for your SEO.