7 Questions To Ask Your CBD Wholesale Distributor

When running a business, there are various decisions you will need to make. One of the most important ones is choosing the right supplier for various products. If you are in the CBD business, you probably know that its rapid growth is coming along with various challenges. One of them is getting a wholesale supplier of various products. Remember, these suppliers are not made equally. Therefore, when choosing a  CBD wholesale program, you need to do enough research and make sure you get a distributor who is clean and comes with quality products. In the process, here are important questions you should ask them if you want to get the best distributor suitable for your business needs.

Where Does Your CBD Come From?

The environment where the hemp is grown makes a big difference in the quality of CBD products. Countries hold different regulations when it comes to the growth and sale of hemp. Moreover, different areas have different climatic conditions, and these affect the quality of hemp. Some places are better for growing hemp more than others. For instance, it will be ideal to consider CBD wholesale Colorado program considering that Colorado is among the best states for growing hemp.

Do You Offer Private Label Options?

This option will be determined by your business goals. If you are thinking of creating your own products, you might want to know if the supplier provides a white-label or a CBD private label. This option will help you to know the right supplier fit for your business needs.

Do You Conduct Quality Testing Procedures?

Quality testing is an important procedure that helps to know the best CBD. Therefore, the supplier should be transparent and provide a third-party testing option to prove the quality of their products.

Which Process is Used to Manufacture the CBD?

The quality of CBD is also determined by the manufacturing process. The process starts from cultivation to processing, extraction, and isolation. Therefore, you need to know the method used to extract CBD from hemp. Remember, there are different methods and products used in the extraction stage, and each of them affects the quality of the final product.

How Much THC Do Your Products Contain?

Third-party testing can always tell you the amount of THC in the products. Remember, all CBD products must have THC not more than 0.3%. So, make sure you ask the supplier this question. All products must be THC-free or below 0.3%, the recommended limit.

Do You Offer Isolates or Full-Spectrum CBD?

CBD is made in isolates or full-spectrum. Isolates contain the CBD element only, while the full spectrum contains CBD and other cannabinoids. So, the distributor will provide the products depending on what you want.

Does Your CBD Come From Marijuana or Hemp?

There is no big difference between hemp and marijuana as many people may think. The only difference comes in the concentration of THC levels. Marijuana has THC levels of up to 20%, no wonder the high producing effects, while hemp is industrially made with a THC level of 0.3%.

The Takeaway!

The type of distributor you choose should be fit for your business needs. Therefore, it is vital to ask these questions to confirm you get the right distributor for the right CBD products. As mentioned earlier, suppliers are unequal. So, do your research before picking one.