Amazing Reasons To Begin Using Natural Body Oil Right Away!

“Make happiness a priority and be gentle with yourself in the process” is not just a quote by Bronnie Ware, But a way of life for the ancient Greeks. They knew the best way to prioritize beautification in a minimalistic, ritualistic simple manner. 

Most of today’s societal inspiration stems from the ancient Greeks’ beauty rituals and are easily imbibed into the modern world to practice the use of pure ingredients derived from the earth and use them to nourish our skin and body without compromising on the addition of chemicals. 

One great example is how these ancient civilizations reveled in natural body oils derived from olives. This liquid gold could be applied to the hair, face, and body. 

Today the use of natural body oil has become second to nature for mankind in most countries. They do rely on this source to help keep their bodies glowing every day. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of this trend to date, here are some of the reasons that You ought to begin your journey with natural body oil such as lavender body oil.

Some Amazing Reasons To Begin Using Natural Body Oils:

1. They Aid With Nourishment Without The Added Toxin

Although there is nothing wrong with using a formulation more easily found in the market when it comes to body lotions, creams, or moisturizers; It is a better idea to choose using a natural body oil instead. 

Most of the natural body lotions and creams contain about 60% of water content, some small percentage of fragrance, and about 3000 varieties of toxins from synthetic fragrances. 

On the other hand, using the right natural body oil such as lavender body oil can provide you with the extra and deep skin conditioning and hydration that all of these body lotions lack. Add to the fact that these are unadulterated oils in their natural form and contain heavy amounts of antioxidants and vitamins and give one the required skin nourishment daily.

2. They Fulfil A Double Role

Everybody loves a multitasking product! Is there anyone who doesn’t? A great quality natural body oil works not only on the body but also on the hair. They can be used to tame down frizzy or dehydrated and dry hair. They can also relieve themselves from the tensions built up in the body by using it as a body massage and oil, which makes one feel refreshed immediately after use. 

By pairing this up with a Gua Sha, The work of this is an excellent medium for breaking down fat deposits in the body while at the same time improving the body’s blood flow.

3. They Are A Natural And Effective Skin Repair System

Matter the skin concern you have, whether it is irritated, inflamed skin, have stretch marks, a buildup of cellulite, extreme dryness, or even feed a loss of elasticity, using a natural body oil with hundred percent natural ingredients can turn things around for your skin in the long term. 

These are some of the few reasons you should begin your journey using natural body oils right away before you miss out on all the goodness that everyone around you is beginning to seek pleasure in. Once you go natural, you never go back!