Building a Beverage Brand: Seeking Angel Investors and The Benefits of Marketing

Building your beverage brand takes some ingenuity and work. Matthew Iovane understands the importance of finding angel investors and creating a marketing strategy to make your beverage brand gain a share of voice in its category. There has been a great deal of innovation in the drinks industry, from CBD to Non Alcoholic alternatives and everything in between. However, many products simply don’t stand out enough to impact the market and make a real difference. To disrupt the market you must develop a strong USP; a unique taste, including rare or high-quality ingredients, and a strong recognizable brand logo. The goal is to ensure you have developed something that your target audience will cross the road to buy your drink rather than accepting what’s immediately on offer. Creating a following will make your brand attractive to larger existing portfolios to prospectively buy in the future rewarding you with a healthy exit.

The Importance of Angel Investors

Matthew Iovane explains that angel investors are generally private investors who are wealthy and looking for a non-traditional opportunity to invest. They have the finances you need to get your business started, and will trade equity in your business for the funding. Angel investors often help out small businesses when others aren’t ready to back up the initial idea. Angel investors understand that if your business is successful, their investment will grow.

Sharing Your Idea With Potential Investors

To get funding for your dream idea, you have to be clear about what your plans are. Attracting viable angel investors takes planning, according to Matthew Iovane, and you need to strategize before trying to find investors for your new business. Come up with a detailed business plan so that you can explain your plans. Consider how you want to start your beverage brand, start to think about distribution, importation, and pricing;  identify key launch markets, and understand what type of marketing you are going to do. When you have a solid plan, your potential angel investors will know that you are serious about getting your beverage brand off the ground.

Building Your dream Beverage Brand

Once you secure investing, it’s time to take action. As a well-seasoned investor, Matthew Iovane suggests looking at recent trends in the beverage industry. Analyze data relevant to the market you wish to launch in by category, understand how you can differentiate and break through the existing noise but you must have a solid business plan with projections forecasts.