Different Types of Granola That You Can Buy

In general, granola is a perfect healthy snack. It is usually loaded with seeds rich in omega-3, nuts, and rolled oats.

However, getting healthy granola is difficult. Most brands are loaded with a lot of added sugars, changing this healthy snack into something you wouldn’t want to consume.

This makes it necessary to be familiar with the different types of granola you may buy. Some of the recommended types include:

1. Munchilicious Granola Original

These are healthy baked snacks packed with all the natural ingredients you can think of, including seeds, nuts, and grains.

They are the right breakfast cereals you and your family may take in the morning. The generous dose of seeds and nuts, plus a healthy combination of no added sugar and zero oil, is the answer for everyone looking for a high-protein snack.

They get prepared from dry fruits, seeds, honey, and oats that are extremely vital for everyday balanced nutrition intake. They as well provide a balance of nourishment and taste.

2. Munchilicious Granola – Dark Chocolate

Loaded with about 55% of grains, seeds, and nuts, Munchilicious Granola – Dark Chocolate can keep you wanting more with all your bites without making you feel bad because they are baked and gluten-free.

The snack will spare you, regardless of how much you enjoy snacking. Every pack has oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, and almonds combined with a very aromatic dark chocolate blend. It can satisfy you if you are a sweet tooth without worrying about adding more weight.

3.  Munchilicious Granola – Dried Fruits

This snack is not just high in fiber. It is also packed with 82% of pumpkin seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, apricot, strawberry, and honey mixed with a tropical nuance of pineapple, making Munchilicious Granola-Dried Fruits suitable for people looking for a healthy breakfast.

It is also suitable for everyone with sweet teeth, especially those who may want to take it with yogurt, milk, or desserts.

4. Munchilicious Granola – Grain-Free

Packed with more than 90% of fruits, seeds, and nuts, Munchilicious Granola – Grain-Free is a healthy anytime snack high in protein and fiber.

You can eat this snack straight out of the pack, top it with yogurt, or consume the granola with milk. You may as well buy granola that includes sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, blackcurrents, cherries, coconuts, and walnuts.

In a Nutshell!

Whether you prefer sprinkling some milk or yogurt, granola remains a kitchen staple, which is too tasty to pass up. Most granolas comprise rolled nuts, honey, rolled oats, and other sweeteners.

Though for the past few years, most have started filling in other ingredients, making granola unhealthy. This is why when buying granola, ensure you go for brands with a good reputation in the market.