Does Luxury Vinyl Tile Look Cheap?

As a contractor in hardwood flooring, you can find that certain homeowners balk at hardwood floor prices and are tempted to turn to vinyl flooring closely resembling wood floors.

Homeowners need to be properly educated about the pitfalls and disadvantages of vinyl flooring, though.

Instead of real hardwood floors, more homeowners would be tempted to opt for vinyl as the methods for replicating the look of wood floors in vinyl get more advanced. Essentially, the vinyl look is created by creating a layer of photographic images between the backrest and the transparent layer of wear.

 Appealing look

Convincingly, luxury vinyl flooring Dubai may look like real hardwood floors, but the reality is their separate worlds.

Although vinyl planks may be appealing due to their low price point, especially when compared to hardwood floors, they may wreak havoc on the wallet of a homeowner and possibly their health down the road.

Just as beautiful as traditional flooring

A few short years ago, both residential and commercial property owners who wanted floors to improve office and home appearance rejected cheap, plastic-looking vinyl tiles or linoleum items. Today, developments in flooring technology and manufacturing methods make the luxury vinyl tile or plank flooring feel, grains, and character just as beautiful as traditional flooring made from more costly hardwoods and stone.

Affordable alternative to conventional options

When more homeowners search for a functional, affordable alternative to conventional options, many opt to install the luxury vinyl tile. According to the Floor Daily website, this flooring segment represents the fastest-growing category in the industry, with sales reaching the $500 million mark.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Style Options

Consumers are not limited to their parents’ boring choices anymore. The product comes in just about every suitable flooring material that you care about, like wood, bamboo, marble, stone, ceramic tile, metal flooring, or hardwood inlaid.

You do have a multitude of color choices to choose from to suit any decor. The product’s texture is so good — that it can pass the “eye test” quickly, and look just as luxurious as conventional flooring options but at a lower cost.

Compared To Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl tile gives natural stone or ceramic tile a visual appearance. Items such as the Armstrong Altera tile can also be grouted to boost the authentic feel. You can select from a variety of color choices to choose from. Property owners are searching for the appearance of luxurious flooring in high-traffic areas or can install luxury vinyl flooring that looks like bamboo or hardwood flooring where there is potential for water damage. The content consists of long rectangular parts that can be floated or glued directly to the sub-floor over several existing surfaces.

Through utilizing the same “staggering” method used with hardwood floor installations, luxurious vinyl flooring can appear to be the “true thing” at first glance. Aluminum Oxide is the wear layer on most items, which magnificently repels the stains. Commonly, industrial warranties are found on these items.

Installing Luxury Vinyl Tile

The infinite design possibilities of the material and the high-quality visual appeal make this an appealing choice. The simple installation would please many do-it-yourself (DIY), homeowners. Anyone with average DIY capabilities can install those tiles. Some of the materials are tongue and grooved or click-together, but some forms are angled sharply for direct gluing to the subfloor. The favorite DIY is the sort of peel-n-stick, or self-adhesive.

Here are the basic steps for installing luxury vinyl tiles that adhere to themselves:

• Tick your line of reference to launch the project

• Strip away the safe backrest

• Unleash the floor

Luxury Vinyl Tile Maintenance

These products are also maintenance-free. They have a surface finish which will last for several years. We must obey the cleaning and maintenance guidelines of the manufacturer. A general rule is not to use any cleaners left on the floor for a movie. When this occurs, it creates a maintenance problem. Microfiber mops and hot water fit well with a urethane finish on all surfaces. There are other cleaners, as well. Call our office today to order your perfect cleaner!

Speak To Your Flooring Professional

This tile PVC vinyl flooring options can be installed in any area of your property, and you feel confident that you made the right choice. Just around the Corner has more than 24 years of serving commercial and residential flooring clients.


 If you have any questions about luxury vinyl flooring or other floor products, please contact us and get assistance from one of our flooring experts.