Doug Pitassi Discusses the Importance of Keeping Office Equipment Clean 

Your business depends on valuable equipment to create a productive workspace. Printers, scanners, shredders, and computers are popular office equipment that enables the smooth running of a company. However, they require proper maintenance and cleaning to serve you well.

According to the president of Pacific Office Automation, Doug Pitassi, clean equipment helps increase productivity and profitability by minimizing downtimes. Doug has worked for this company for more than 30 years, consistently offering award-winning machines to clients all over the country. He highlights the importance of keeping your office equipment clean.

Extends the Lifespan of the Equipment

Office equipment and machines can be pretty expensive to buy. That’s why you may want to ensure they’re always in good condition. Douglas Pitassi notes that clean and well-maintained equipment can last longer. He also suggests having a technician inspect, perform service maintenance, and fix issues before they become costly. Cleaning offers an opportunity to check equipment closely and spot minor defects that could affect the product and the smooth running of the business.

Provides Better Impression to Visitors

Clean office equipment makes your office look neat, which creates a much better impression. Visitors and customers are likely to visit and feel comfortable in a company where computers and other machines are clean, well-maintained, and in good shape. The staff is also happy to work in an environment where the workplace is aesthetically pleasing. Doug Pitassi further adds that customers may not make orders if the equipment you’re selling appears dirty and poorly maintained, which can be a big blow to your business.

Increases Employee Productivity

Clean, well-maintained office equipment isn’t likely to break down in the middle of a project. That means your employees can perform their tasks without running into equipment issues. Machines that are used by many people tend to get dirty faster and can break down due to overworking. If they’re not checked and cleaned regularly, they can cause trouble for the entire team, halting significant workload.

If you have multiple copiers and printers used by many people in your workplace, Douglas Pitassi recommends providing timely maintenance to ensure they’re always in good working condition. Have them dusted and cleaned regularly, and use suitable cleaning materials and products to avoid damaging them. For instance, you should avoid using water and other harsh chemicals on electric office equipment.

Lowers Maintenance Costs

Routine maintenance is much cheaper than full-blown repair. If you don’t clean your equipment, chances are that you may never know if they have a problem until they break down, points Doug. Generally, broken equipment will cost you more money in the long term to fix than maintenance. Additionally, you may never recover the time and money lost due to that breakdown.

Remember, if your employees carry out their tasks uninterrupted, they drive the business forward. Plus, clean and well–conditioned equipment will have a longer lifespan. If you neglect them, you’re likely to visit Pacific Office Automation for new equipment sooner than you should. In between this period, you also don’t want to be out of business while you await your new equipment to arrive.