How BrewDog Values Its Employees Through Exceptional Perks 

BrewDog is a craft beer brewer in Scotland that knows how to care for its employees. Not only does the company offer exceptional benefits, but it also has some unique perks that will make any employee feel valued. Let’s explore how BrewDog CEO James Watt invests in its employees and why other companies should follow suit.

The Unicorn Fund

BrewDog’s Unicorn Fund is an employee-driven venture capital fund designed to support the entrepreneurial spirit of its team members. It allows employees to invest in innovative projects without incurring any financial risk or committing their own money. This helps BrewDog retain talented staff members and encourages collaboration and creativity within the workplace.

According to James Watt, investing in their team strengthens staff skills, skyrockets confidence, and opens up tremendous potential for BrewDog’s business and brewery growth. Not only that, but it equips staff with the expertise to mentor others in the team. Passing each Cicerone level also comes with a bonus pay raise!

Paternity Leave

Brewdog understands that not all family members have two legs! That’s why they offer paternity leave—paid time off for new pet parents so they can get their furry friends settled into their homes and give them the love and attention they need. What a great way to show your employees you care about their furry family members too!

Other employers have jumped on the Pawternity wagon to the delight of their employees. A survey by PetPlan found that 5 percent of companies now offer some version of Pawternity and time off when a pet crosses the rainbow bridge. Cultivating a Pawternity leave practice is the natural path for a supportive culture, according to Musti Group CEO David Rönnberg. And employees (and their pets) wholeheartedly agree.

Cicerone Training Program

BrewDog values knowledge and education, which is evident in its Cicerone Training Program. BrewDog is determined to immerse its staff in all aspects of the industry to promote craft beer. To achieve this goal, they encourage their bar staff to take the Level 1 Cicerone Certified Beer Server exam and then progress to level 2- Certified Cicerone. This is one of the most respected qualifications for a beer sommelier with international recognition. Plus, employees get a raise after passing each level.

Free Sabbaticals

BrewDog understands that sometimes employees need a break from the daily grind, so it offers free sabbaticals every five years so staff can take extended vacations or pursue personal interests or passions without worrying about taking unpaid leave or having financial strain put on them while away from work.

The BrewDog Foundation

Additionally, the company has set up The BrewDog Foundation, which gives back to various charities throughout Scotland and worldwide every year! Talk about a company that puts people first!

By offering such incredible benefits and perks, it’s no wonder BrewDog is known as one of the best places to work in Scotland—and beyond! Other employers should take note of these fantastic initiatives if they want their employees to feel truly valued every day at work.