How E-Commerce Boom is Driving Change in Packaging?

The recent DHL trend report has found that the rapid growth of the e-commerce marketplace is driving change in packaging. It shed light on how the packaging needs of the industries have evolved, and how innovations in packaging will shape the future of the logistics industry. There is mounting evidence that the present-day approaches to packaging are having trouble meeting the ever-changing needs of companies and consumers. Companies nearly across all sectors are now emphasizing on the fact that it is necessary to embrace new packaging optimization tools, technologies, and materials that will drastically boost sustainability, efficiency, and productivity.   

According to the report, the following three trends are testing the existing packaging systems.

Exponential Growth in E-CommerceThe ever-growing list of e-commerce products is facing new challenges when it comes to shipping and packaging. To add to it, the overall volume of products is also increasing, and so is the distance that the packages are traveling. Each of these challenges presents businesses with a unique opportunity. With e-commerce supply chains requiring more robust and sturdy wholesale mailer boxes, it’s time for companies to ditch the existing packaging systems.  

 The Legacy Printing not only recognizes but is actively addressing these challenges by providing customized packaging solutions that enable online businesses to have the right-sized box for every product that is being shipped. Right-sizing helps businesses eradicate excessive empty space in every box, which significantly reduces product damage and transportation costs, which leads to optimal customer experience.  

The Legacy Printing ensures it follows design and protocol standards that outline how packaging should perform during distribution to ensure customers receive their orders in optimal condition.   

Customers Want Convenience and Great Experience

Customers are demanding topnotch quality custom mailer boxes that arrive in prime condition. Thankfully e-commerce retailers have fulfilled their customers’ wishes and started investing in packaging solutions that ensure the safe arrival of products. For instance, Amazon’s ‘frustration-free packaging’ is a prime example in this regard as it is easily accessible, recyclable, and carved to minimize waste. According to a DHL survey, nearly 50 percent of online shoppers said that when they receive damaged products from e-commerce, they are less likely to return to that business for future purchases.  

As a leading e-commerce packaging provider, the Legacy Printing helps online vendors revamp their packaging to cut their product return rates. By devising right-size packaging, you can eliminate the need for void fill materials and secondary packaging. More importantly, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint by relinquishing packaging waste. This will help improve the overall customers’ experience. 

Drive towards Sustainable Packaging and Reducing Waste

Customers are also anxious about inefficient and wasteful packaging. Modern-day packaging solutions have a profound environmental footprint. A close analysis of e-commerce packages showed that about 24 percent of the parcel is empty space that greatly boasts cost and waste. Maintaining the balance in packaging benefits everyone, right from the operations to the shopper and the environment. However, operating at a large scale and high speed remains the most important packaging challenge to date.

With an ongoing commitment to providing smart packaging solutions, the Legacy Printing comprehends the impact of sustainable packaging has on the communities, environment, and relentless business success. Using sustainable materials likes Kraft and cardboard to create bespoke wholesale mailer boxes eliminates the need to source pre-made boxes. Not only will it help the business reduce their packaging waste, but it also paves the way for more warehouse space.

To accomplish these results, the US’s packaging industry has to embrace the latest techniques and equipment to deliver the desired packing.