How to Boost App Downloads Via Instagram Ads and TikTok Ads

We live in a world where the mobile app industry is thriving, with 1.96 million apps available for download on the Apple Store and 2.87 million on the Google Play Store. Building a mobile app, however, requires a lot of time and energy, so getting numerous downloads for it and standing out from the crowd is the main goal. But what is the best way to boost app downloads? Using Instagram Ads is a great way for millions of users to learn about your app, as more than 60% of people find out about a new product on Instagram.

Read below for some helpful tips on how to increase mobile app installs with Instagram and TikTok ads.

1. Be Visual and Creative

Instagram is known to be a creative platform, where images speak for themselves. Keeping the quality of your images high is key to creating engaging content. Back in the day, Instagram did not allow ads, but with its increasing popularity, it became a great opportunity to earn money from them. Make sure that your paid post-of your app- appears organic, stands out and fits in naturally with someone’s feed.

With the rise of social media platforms like TikTok, you have many more possibilities to advertise your apps with great benefits such as advanced targeting, reaching a larger audience and cost-effectiveness.

2. Call to Action(CTA)

If users click on a call to action button, they can be directed to the App Store where the app is ready for download, so it’s very important to give users the right sign. Phrases like “install now”, and “click here to download” are some of the more common ones, but there are up to 10 other buttons that allow you to select the best fit for your app.

3. Focus on Existing Customers

If you are a business owner and your app is an extension of your product or website, targeting existing customers should be the first step for boosting downloads. If you make sure to target the right audience, it will get your ad in front of potential app users-Facebook has detailed marketing and targeting options that can be easily accessed since this platform owns Instagram.

4. Segment Your Audience Based on their Devices

This practice is particularly helpful as it helps you show the app landing page to your audience based on the mobile they use. This can be verified by accessing the “Detailed Targeting” section and “Behaviors” when setting up Facebook and Instagram ads. Then, you need to click on “Detailed Targeting” and” All Mobile Device by Brand” to see the relevant users to your ad.

5. Target Lookalike Audiences

A lookalike audience or cold audience is formed by those users who have visited your website but they did not access it again. These audiences can be converted into customers quite easily, as they already have the same characteristics as your existing customers. You can track your website visitors and put them into different categories to recognize who your cold audience is.

A great example of how Instagram ads help to increase app downloads is the case of mobile game developer Huuuge Games: they reached potential new players and encouraged them to download the Huuuge Casino game through immersive Instagram stories.


Instagram and TikTok Ads are one of the most effective ways to increase your mobile app installs and to make it known in the eyes of millions of users. It is necessary to find a relevant audience and focus on existing customers and the above easy steps can help you boost your mobile app downloads quickly on these platforms.