How to Determine the Right Banner Materials for Outdoor Promotion Events

Banners are one of the most effective ways to market your business. They offer several advantages when strategically placed to attract potential clients. However, you should understand more than just what you will hang. You’ll also have to select the fabric to use. Check out our guide for selecting suitable materials for outdoor banners.

1. Thickness and weight

The banner’s thickness and structure will vary depending on your chosen material. Fabric, for example, is often lighter than polyester, whereas vinyl is a heavier type of polyester. So, looking at the ounce count per meter square yard will tell you whichever item is thicker and thus heavier. Naturally, thicker materials have more tensile strength and are therefore more durable.

2. Know the purpose 

It’s critical to comprehend the banner’s significance during advertising. The information and images used will depend on the purpose of theĀ banners and flags. Again, its location will determine who sees it and how effective it will be in promoting your business.

Once you have this information, it will be easy to give creative recommendations about how to construct the banner to hang out and exceed the client’s expectations.

3. Weather conditions 

 Familiarize yourself with your location and know the prevailing weather conditions. Some conditions are harsh and can affect your banner’s durability within a short period.

Inspect your area and know about the temperatures in the area. For instance, hot conditions can easily tear some banner materials. To choose the most suitable materials, have all information concerning the conditions of your location.

4. Check the mesh patterns 

This is another way to boost the material’s tensile strength while providing a transparent appearance. Mesh patterns are created by pressing intersecting layers of material, commonly vinyl, to create a lightweight yet sturdy base. Banners constructed of this material are typically long-lasting since they enable wind to pass through without destroying the fabric.

How to save when purchasing banner materials?

When purchasing banner materials, you will come across sellers offering their products at different prices. You may want to save some cash during your purchase which can be tricky. However, there are ways to achieve this. Here are tips to aid you.

  • Buy in bulk

It’s ideal for placing bulk orders. Purchasing one material after another might bring you some losses. As usual, dealers will always offer discounts for bulk orders. Moreover, you can be offered several materials for free if you place huge orders.

  • Shop online 

Shopping online is now famous as technology is growing. Online sites offer significant discounts for any order you place, especially if it’s your first time. Take some time and research various sites. In the long run, you will come across a seller who will provide the material you require at a very pocket-friendly price.

Bottom line

Banners and flags are the most effective and cost-friendly way to advertise your business. The tools are very easy to set up and maintain. However, to get a great advertising tool, you require quality materials. To determine the best material, the above are four key factors you should put in place and end up with excellent results.