There’s no better feeling than seeing the Amazon truck pull into your driveway, which is basically the ice cream truck for adults. Opening an Amazon package is like opening a birthday gift, and an important part of the unboxing experience is seeing beautiful and purposeful packaging design. Your packaging should never be thought of as just a container… It’s also a marketing tool that you can use to establish trust with your customers and make them feel enthusiastic about your brand. 

About 90% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase products from Amazon than from other online platforms. Having your products on Amazon can improve brand awareness and drive more traffic to your business. But with the mass amount of products on Amazon, how do you make your packaging stand out from the crowd?  

How does packaging design impact the customer?

Your packaging design has an effect on the way each consumer perceives your product and your brand, which influences purchasing decisions. 

  • 52% of online consumers would shop again from a business if it had premium packaging
  • 30% of businesses said after they refocused on their packaging, consumers paid more attention to their products
  • 40% of consumers would post a product photo on social media if the packaging was interesting

Understanding your customer’s desires is key to designing effective packaging design. The quality of your packaging can decide whether your product is noticed, and having well-designed packaging tells your customer that you put that same care into your products.

What makes a great packaging design?

Stellar packaging design makes a great first impression, which is of utmost importance when marketing on Amazon. Your packaging should represent your brand well, matching up with your brand guidelines. Good packaging design should answer the questions, “What’s this product for? What’s the brand behind the product?” With your packaging, you have the chance to capture the attention of the customer through color, typography, your logo, and other graphic elements.

When creating your packaging design, user experience also needs to be prioritized. We’ve all struggled with the frustration of trying to open a product with packaging design that isn’t functional. Having a design that fits your product’s function will keep your customers coming back for more of your products and establish confidence in your brand to where they’ll be more likely to try out some of your other offerings. 

How to Market on Amazon

Once your product has the perfect packaging design, the next step is to market your product on Amazon. When creating your product listing, having professional product photography to display your hard work will take your listing to the next level. Including well-designed infographics/graphics and strong copywriting that showcase your product will also make you stand out.

When people post your products on social media, they’ll send their followers to your Amazon product listing as a result. Many influencers also like to include their favorite products to their Amazon storefront, and if they add your products to their storefront, this will also play a part in increasing brand exposure. Showcasing your well-developed product packaging in the best possible way, from product photography to copywriting, will drive more traffic to your Amazon store and increase sales.