Impact Of Toxic Backlinks & How To Remove Them

Before understanding toxic backlinks, it is essential to know what role does backlinks play in SEO. 

Backlinks are one of the most important features of Search Engine Optimization which helps in ranking website pages, boosting content visibility and improving the overall health of the page for SEO. 

To make it more simple, whenever any website or business or brand links to your blog or website page, it gives you backlinks. This is often done when the content is very valuable and useful. It acts as a vote of confidence in your content or page. Thus, good backlinks help Google search engine to see your website as trustworthy and useful. 

Different SEO companies in Mumbai engage in link-building practises, helping brands achieve their SEO goals. It is hard work but very rewarding. All good SEO agencies follow best practices and the guidelines laid down by Google to achieve backlinks. 

Many times, unethical practices are used to boost SEO rankings in a short time. They use spammy links from websites with low domain authority. These unnatural links are known as toxic backlinks. Sometimes, factors like mirrored pages, page layout, virus or malware-infected sites, link networks and violation of guidelines lead to toxic links unknowingly. 

Whatever be the case, huge penalties are leveled against such brands by Google. There are two ways penalties are assigned; via Google Algorithm Penguin and manual link penalties. Since 2012, the Penguin algorithm is capable of finding and penalizing such links. 

While there is not much you can do about Penguin induced penalties which generally affects rankings, you can certainly find manual penalties via Google Search Console. Or else, you can always use SEO tools like SEMRush, ahrefs, SEOmoz etc. 

Impact of Toxic Links

If your website gets penalized, it can affect your SEO and website in the following ways:

  • Page rank gets affected and reduced.
  • Content visibility decreases 
  • Can be removed from search engine index in case of bigger penalties
  • Sudden loss of organic traffic

How to remove toxic backlinks?

There are multiple ways to remove toxic backlinks.

First, you should run a backlinks audit and discover all the toxic links and low-quality links on your website pages. Separate the bad ones from the good ones and remove them. 

Second, there might be a few links which you can not clean by yourself. Contact the webmasters of the websites and request the removal of links. 

Third, if the number of toxic backlinks is too much, use the disavow links feature and ask Google search engine, to not consider these links. Know that this will not save you from penalties and loss of rankings. 

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