Is It Okay To Buy Two-Wheeler Insurance Online?

Two-wheeler is one of the most convenient transportation methods used by the majority of people in India. Daily commuters go to offices in their private vehicles. It is preferred by men, women, youngsters and elderly as well. But as with anything, travelling on roads has its own risk. 

Thousands of accident or road mishaps are reported at every part of the country. Therefore, buying two-wheeler insurance is important as well as helpful. As per government rules, it is mandatory to own insurance policy to drive two-wheeler in India. Now it has become easy and hassle-free to buy two-wheeler insurance online

Types of two-wheeler insurance 

There are two types of two-wheeler insurance in India.

Third-party cover 

This type of insurance policy covers expenses due to damage caused to a third party, vehicle or property. This does not cover you, your vehicle or pillion rider. It is mandatory as per government rules to own such an insurance policy. It helps in covering liabilities for injury or death of the third party due to the accident.

Comprehensive cover

A comprehensive cover, as the name indicates, covers a wide range of expenses. It helps cover all expenses relates to you as well as third-party liabilities. This is a must so that you can be financially secure in case of an accident. Moreover, a comprehensive cover will include damage caused due to riots, fire, natural calamities, theft etc. 

Whichever two-wheeler insurance policy you decide to choose, it is now easy to buy them online. The process of buying, renewing insurance online is fast becoming popular among common people. The busy lifestyle and fast-paced work and life equation make the use of technology and digital tools more helpful. So, how does buying insurance online benefits you? 

Informed decision

Online websites provide a vast amount of information regarding various insurance policies. It can enable you to go through the information and make an informed decision. Especially, when you choose an insurance company, you can find all the information about the policy on their website. This reduces the chances of fraud and any unacceptable terms and conditions. 

Reduced paperwork

Many times, documentation and paperwork cause too many hassles. The online platform helps in reducing paper work and help in buying an insurance policy in a few clicks. This is indeed convenient and helps you to directly deal with the insurance provider. 

Policy comparison

Online buying of two-wheeler insurance gives you a great opportunity to compare different policies available. You can easily discover all the factors and features of the policy and compare them. In the end, you can choose the best two-wheeler insurance policy according to your needs. 

What’ more, policy renewal after buying a policy is also possible online which can save time and money as well. Instead of face to face communication, 24×7 Assistance is available at all good insurance companies in India. 

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