National Floors Direct: Signs It’s Time for a New Kitchen Floor

From luxury vinyl to tile to hardwood, National Floors Direct is the go-to professional with all the aspects of kitchen flooring, including when it’s time to replace it. Although quality flooring can last decades, flooring doesn’t last forever. A new kitchen floor should be considered when the following conditions begin to show:

Cracks and Chips

Cracks and chips in kitchen flooring may not appear to be urgent issues, but they are kinds of damage that can worsen over time. Chipping and cracking can occur in various places, especially with low-quality tiles and laminate. It’s more common in the kitchen, where things are more likely to get dropped. National Floors Direct recommends discussing your past issues with cracks or chips with your flooring representative to ensure that you replace them with higher quality flooring that will wear better.

Buckling or Sagging

Look for symptoms of sagging in hardwood and tile floors. This might reveal flooring flaws that will deteriorate over time. If you observe buckling between the wood or tile seams, your floor may no longer be able to take the amount of load that it once did. When you replace your kitchen flooring with tile, your National Floors Direct representative will be able to tell you if you need subflooring reinforcement.

Family is Growing

Your kitchen flooring should accommodate your family’s many phases of life, and certain adjustments, such as the addition of new family members, may necessitate new flooring. This includes elderly parents moving in, pet adoptions, and new babies. Consider how your growing family uses the kitchen. If your toddlers are pushing toys across the floor and spilling juice off the table, it’s critical to have a kitchen floor that can withstand those things. If an elderly parent has trouble walking, it’s urgent to have a kitchen floor that doesn’t have flaws that could cause tripping, says National Floors Direct.

Signs of Water Damage

Newer hardwood flooring from National Floors Direct is treated so that it can stand up to kitchen use. Older flooring is vulnerable to water damage. Signs of water damage include bubbling, lifting, and staining. This means that your kitchen flooring needs to be replaced. Otherwise, it will only worsen over time, possibly creating a hazardous condition in your home.

Outdated Design

You don’t have to wait for structural damage or life changes to update your kitchen as a homeowner. It’s enough to want a fresh look to justify this cost. A new floor can do wonders for the overall design of your house, whether you are remodeling the entire area or simply want to boost the room’s appeal. National Floors Direct has a vast range of kitchen flooring designs, from on-trend to classic designs that never go out of style.

Contact your local National Floors Direct showroom to browse the selection of kitchen flooring. You’ll find everything you’re looking for, including friendly, professional staff who can help guide you in your choice, so you get the ideal kitchen flooring for your needs.