Pointers for Leading a Sustainable Life

Many of today’s consumers are extremely eco-conscious. They would rather make certain sacrifices if it meant living a more sustainable and environment-friendly life. They are willing to change the way they shop, eat, and basically live their daily lives to reduce their daily environmental impact. If you have the same goals, know that you can do so many things aside from the usual examples you can find all over the internet. Here’s how you can take sustainability one step further.

Being More Mindful when Giving Gifts

One thing we do to show our loved ones that we love them and care about them is by giving them gifts. We often go for the things we know that they want and need. But what we fail to consider is to choose gifts that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

If we want to truly live a sustainable life, it helps that we also try to influence our loved ones to do the same. You don’t necessarily need to shop for second-hand or organic items to give your loved ones a sustainable gift. You can give them brand-new items for as long as the items you give them are sustainable in some sense.

Let’s say you are celebrating a special occasion and you want to give your loved one a piece of jewelry as a gift. Instead of simply choosing any store to buy one, consider doing a little research and choose ethical, sustainably sourced jewelry. Many jewelry companies are now trying their best to provide consumers with ethically sourced jewelry for your loved ones.

Passing heirloom jewelry is another sustainable gift to consider. You are basically giving your loved one a piece of jewelry that already got lots of history to tell. You only need to find one of the best jewelers to help you clean the jewelry and your loved one to maintain their new piece.

Embrace Sustainable Investing

Financial experts and successful individuals would always tell us that the best way to grow one’s wealth is through investing. This may not be the ideal wealth-building technique for everyone considering the risks involved. But this is the main reason we are told to think long and hard and learn the basics before deciding.

If you are into investing, one thing you can explore is sustainable investing. This is the practice of considering numerous criteria, including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) when deciding to invest. Sustainable investing is proactively direct capital towards investments that aim to provide sustainable solutions to today’s urgent challenges.

Investors like you can now help fund companies and organizations whose goal is to bring about positive change in the world. During the second quarter of 2020 alone, many investors invested in sustainable fund flows, bringing the estimated net flow up to $10.4 billion. You, too, can start investing in the sustainable market to grow your wealth while helping others make long-term positive outcomes.

Inspire a Sustainable Change within Your Community

It’s amazing how much influence you can make by starting in your own community. Why choose to live sustainably on your own when you can inspire others to do the same? The more people living an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, the better.

You can start by talking to your neighbors and community leaders to see the usual problems revolving around the neighborhood. This could be the growing waste problem, the lack of green initiatives within the community, or the lack of knowledge of your neighbors on how to truly live a sustainable lifestyle. You can then come up with different plans to start organizing timely green initiatives within the community.

If many members worry about the waste problem in your neighborhood, you can organize an event and hand out flyers showing your neighbors how to segregate, reuse, and recycle their trash properly. You can consider scheduling environmental cleanups within the neighborhood. You can even start enticing your neighbors to start their own composite pile in their own backyard.

Starting a community garden is another way to instill sustainable practices within the community. This way, members will learn how to grow their own garden at home while fostering a sense of community with their neighbors. Members can choose to donate their produce to the needy, give these away around the neighborhood, or even sell the product at a farmer’s market to spread the word.

These are but three ways you can take sustainable living to the next level. The tips on the list enable you to help other people learn more about sustainability and embrace better practices that the environment can benefit from. You can even start diversifying your investments by including sustainable investments in your portfolio. This goes to show that there are habits you can adopt to optimize your sustainability goals.