Raise Your Property Management Standards in 2022

Commercial property management is a job that requires a keen eye for detail. There is so much more to your profession than collecting rent payments. If you feel like you’re in a rut following the pandemic, consider raising your property management standards in 2022.

With these three tips, you can transform how you care for your property and its tenants. 

Ask Questions

Your tenants are a huge part of what will keep your building thriving and a place to be – they are often on location more than you are. That’s why it’s best to keep in constant communication with them. You need to check-in and find out what their and the building’s needs are.

In the new year, try sending out a routine email or speaking to your tenants directly to ask questions. Find out not only what they need but also what they want. Ask them about any repairs needed that they failed to mention and maybe explore ideas on how to make the space better.

Of course, this is all within reason, and feel free to modify how you communicate with your tenants in a way that best suits you and them.

Keep Repairs Minimal

Your building will need repairs at some point in its lifetime – that is inevitable. But if you want to keep repair costs down and stop unsightly damages from occurring, it’s best to perform repairs quickly. That will help you avoid further damage and thus more repairs in the future.

You can stay on top of repairs in a couple of ways, including communicating with your tenants and making frequent visits to your property. 

It’s also a good idea to always ensure you have a handyman on call to tend to those minor repairs that don’t require a specialist. But if you experience damages such as a water intrusion or significant electrical issues, it’s time to call in the specialists.

Hire Commercial Property Cleaning Services

Now, you may be thinking, “I already have an in-house cleaning company; why would I need commercial building cleaning services?” The simple answer to that is commercial property cleaning services can offer more.

In-house cleaners tend to take care of the everyday dusting and light sanitizing. But there is so much more that needs to be done. Bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly your building should receive the following services.

Floor maintenance is often overlooked, but it can do so much more than keep your property clean. It’s also a way to keep your property looking as good as new! Floor polishing, sealing, and deep cleaning can remove those years of scuff marks and debris that make your once gleaming floors look like a two-star hotel lobby. 

Getting your floors polished and sealed makes them easier to clean and maintain; it can save you money in the long run.

And did you know that there is commercial building cleaning services that offer basic maintenance services? Those services can even include light bulb changes. Not only are services like that necessary, but they can also keep your building looking in tip-top shape!

Commercial Property Management in Maryland, DC, or Virginia

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