Should You Invest in a CNC Machine

Purchasing a CNC machine is a significant investment. That’s why you should know how to find the right one even though it may mean doing some reading and consultation. Investing in a poor choice may cost you materials, money, time, and frustration. However, if you find the right machine, you’ll achieve your goals quickly. This article highlights some things you need to know before deciding whether to invest in a CNC machine from Inventables or not.

Capability And Application

Not every CNC machine is suitable for every task. That’s why they’re calibrated to enable you to know which one can meet your specific capability and application. You need to consider your job from all angles and determine whether it needs speed, accuracy, and safety. If you’re dealing with materials like an aluminum honeycomb, utmost accuracy will be vital if you’re to get a high-quality product. Additionally, you may also need high speeds.

CNC machines can perform a wide range of tasks dealing with wood and aerospace materials. However, understanding the type of parts you intend to build will help you select the right machine. Different machines will handle various grades of metal. A big machine is also suitable for a comprehensive workspace.


The first thing that’ll determine whether you’ll buy a CNC machine or not is its price. Unfortunately, most machines are expensive. Therefore, you need to have an appropriate budget to afford you a machine that’ll perform vital tasks. However, some people recommend buying a used CNC machine if you’re starting your business to save you from spending a lot of money.

But even as you consider this option, it’s vital to consider the price of replacing its parts because every machine, whether new or used, must at some point breakdown without a fault on your part. Fixing it may be quite expensive, but this depends on the type of machine you purchase. Therefore, it’s vital that you first consider the spare parts prices before investing in a CNC machine.

Programming Ability

One of the most common mistakes that experienced machinists make when switching from a conventional machine to a CNC machine is buying a device they can’t operate. It’s disastrous to assume that you can operate any machine. CNC machines are programmable and need you to know how to input the codes. Don’t just find a trusted vendor selling a study machine at a reasonable price and make a purchase.

Instead, buy a machine whose coding advantages and challenges you understand. If you’re a newbie in operating these machines, find a model that’s configured with conversational programming. It may be a bit limited but reasonable to start with because it doesn’t need an elaborate coding background. On the other hand, if you’ve worked with CNC devices before, and it’s your first time buying yours, take time to find out the style of programming used in it.


CNC machines are useful and can make manufacturing processes very simple, though they’re quite complicated. Before investing in such a machine, you need to have money and understand how to program it. It would be best not to forget evaluating your project and finding out whether they need it.