Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Services

The temperature is rising, and although you’re not entirely certain, you believe your air conditioning system may not be operating as well as it did last year. Is it time to contact an air conditioning service company for maintenance? Or are you failing to notice something obvious that might be causing a reduction in performance?

No Cold Air is Blowing.

If the air coming out of your vents isn’t as frigid as it used to be, your system is working extra hard to maintain a suitable temperature. This could be the consequence of a number of different potential causes, such as duct leakage, low or leaking refrigerant, and problems with the condenser.

Poor Air Flow.

Your fan, which is in charge of forcing all that nice, cold air through the ductwork, is susceptible to a number of problems, including as a clogged air filter, a damaged blower motor, or a malfunctioning fan control board, all of which can significantly restrict airflow.

Deposit of Moisture or Water in Unexpected Areas.

Your system is built to be dry at all times; otherwise, your home and system may develop mold and mildew. Your system may have a blocked or damaged condensate drain if you notice a leak, so it’s essential to get it fixed right away.

Bizarre Noises

All systems are made to operate silently. Something is amiss with the device when it operates louder than usual, especially when making metallic screaming, grinding, or pounding noises (broken components, loose belts, debris). Call the repairman as soon as you hear weird noises to prevent serious system damage. You might need to have it checked by an air conditioning firm.

Stinky Odors.

Funky odors can result from a variety of problems, including mold development within, burned-out wire insulation, and bug invasion. To safeguard the health of your family, tend to these swiftly.

Thermostat Issues.

Sometimes the issue is with your thermostat rather than your system. A setting of 75 and a house temperature that is wrong by tens of degrees are two examples of clear symptoms. Other signs won’t be as obvious (varied temperature zones throughout the home). Fortunately, your expert local HVAC specialist can quickly rule this out.

High Cooling Bills.

The biggest energy user in your house is the air conditioner. If your system was working properly last season but your energy costs have skyrocketed this season, you should have your system checked out.

Numerous Issues May Arise From This Frequently Neglected Homeowner Maintenance.

Air filter change, a straightforward maintenance task that takes the average homeowner less than 5 minutes to complete, can also be the cause of short cycles, poor airflow, odors, freezing up, uneven cooling, and higher than usual electricity bills. Unless your heating and conditioning expert advises differently, this should be done at least once every three months, and much more frequently if you have kids or pets. Don’t skip through this before calling the repairman; it can also help you from getting angry when he takes out that awful old filter.

Avoid letting the need for coming summer air conditioner repair turn into an expensive emergency repair. Make an appointment for an air conditioner service and performance check right now by calling Northern Air Services today.

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