The Online Publication That Small Business Owners Turn to for Helpful Information

Starting and running a small business can be an overwhelming venture. There is seemingly no end to the information you need to know to successfully (and legally) operate a business in the United States. Fortunate small business owners will have a mentor they can turn to for advice and guidance, but what about those who are more or less on their own, and have to figure things out with little to no help from others? Those small business owners often look online for information to help them navigate the obstacles and questions they come across.

One resource, designed specifically for small business owners, is Businessing Magazine. This online publication was started almost a decade ago by a small business owner, who was looking for advice and inspiration himself along his entrepreneurial journey.

Founder and editor-in-chief, Matt Smith, says, “As a new small business owner when I started looking online for a one-stop resource for everything related to small business ownership, I couldn’t find one that met all of my needs. So, I decided to create one that would provide business owners like myself with helpful information and advice. Business Magazine started out with just a small team of writers who were also experts in small business ownership and entrepreneurship, and it just grew from there. Over the years, we’ve received contributions from hundreds of authors who have the wisdom to offer small business owners of all types everyone from accountants to marketing experts to IT professionals.”

Business Magazine isn’t just about offering advice to small business owners, however. It also provides inspiration through feature articles that highlight small businesses finding success.

Smith explains, “There isn’t just one way to be successful in business. We like to feature small businesses in a variety of industries that are taking unique approaches to run their companies. We give them the opportunity to share the things that they believe have contributed to their success, and also the things that they wish they had known along the way.”

Articles on the Business Magazine site are conveniently organized into categories such as “Leading,” “Strategizing,” and “Marketing.” This allows small business owners to easily find multiple articles on the topics that interest them most. Business Magazine also provides readers with a way to submit their own articles for consideration, should they feel they have information of value to offer the small business community.

Currently, Business Magazine contains more than 3,500 articles, written by more than 500 separate authors. The publication is updated almost daily with new content, allowing readers to find new, helpful information every time they visit the site. Business Magazine has also won many awards for both design and content from prestigious competitions such as the Vega Digital Awards, Horizon Interactive Awards, dotCOMM Awards, Hermes Creative Awards, and MarCom Awards.