5 Types of Torque Wrenches For Automotive Work

The automotive industry keeps on growing and new vehicles and bike models come up each year. However, your car may require repairs from time to time, which necessitate various tools. Torque wrench kits are handy for automotive fixes and repairs. They are useful for gripping, fastening, loosening, or tightening nuts and fittings during automotive work.

However, these wrenches come in varying sizes and values, and you should choose the most suitable device for your type of work. They also feature various components, and understanding this helps in selection.

Types of Torque Wrenches for Automotive Tasks

You will get torque wrenches in two categories. Some apply the set amount of torque, while others aid in establishing the required amount of torque applied on a fastener. The various types of the best torque wrench kits in the market.

1. Beam Wrenches

A beam wrench is a common device in the market. It features a lever arm located between the head and handle. It stretches against the gauge and indicates the amount of torque being applied during fastening. The wrench indicator and arm lie parallel to each other when no pressure is being applied, but the analog scale will move along the needle pointer giving a reading when pressure is applied.

The beam wrench is unique in that it’s heavier than other types, but it’s easy to use and highly durable.

2. Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Hydraulic torque wrenches are useful for tightening connections requiring massive torque. They are common in the automotive, aviation, and heavy equipment companies. The wrench features a drive head ratchet and is operated by hydraulic cylinders. The wrench will exert torque on a lubricated fastener through its head and is useful for fixing delicate automotive parts.

3. Mechatronic Torque

The mechatronic torque combines great advanced features. It’s a click-type wrench with error proofreading functionalities. It can troubleshoot faults which improves the quality and efficiency of connecting connections. Moreover, the readings are indicated in a digital and mechanical form to suit user preferences.

The mechatronic torque gives users a lot of control regarding the joints being connected. This is because the torque features a focus controller function and can reach inaccessible joints that you can reach using a standard wrench.

4. Electronic Torque Wrench

The electronic torque wrench is a digital device. It allows you to program the torque required and uses display buttons and a screen to help you understand if you have tightened as required.

The digital torque features a fitted torsion rod with a strain gauge, this sends a signal to indicate the torque per unit requirement on the display screen. It also saves readings, thanks to its built-in memory stick.

5.Click Wrench

A click wrench delivers the power required when tightening bolts and is useful for various applications. You will get them in preset and adjustable models in most stores. The click wrench features a durable metal with self-protection against over-stretching. However, the tool has a limited cut scale with manual readings. Click wrenches are cost-effective, and versatile, and are common tools among automotive mechanics.


There are various types of torque wrenches useful for various automotive applications and repairs. You will get them in varying sizes and prices, and can always acquire what fits your tasks and budget. Remember to shop from a reputed manufacturer to be assured of superior quality devices.