Transform your life with the GED

The GED is an alternative to the NSC

Transform your life with the GED!

The American GED is a great alternative to the Grade 12 South African matric and other high school leaving diplomas. Can you believe that the GED is the only higher secondary diploma available in more than 86 countries and is also accepted by the majority of universities in the USA as well as many others across the world.

The GED is a brilliant alternative for students that are being homeschooled, as well as anyone else who has not yet completed school. If they are looking for an alternative to finish high school then the GED is flexible and makes sure that students develop the skills they need for the 21st century.

Where can I write my GED test?

There are more than 45 testing centres in South Africa and many around the world.

You can write the GED test at any of the closest Boston City Campus & Business College VUE Testing Centre.

When can I write my GED test?

You can write the GED tests when you are ready, at over 45 testing centres throughout South Africa.

The testing age in South Africa, Namibia and Kenya is 17 years old. Students can register their GED profile on from 16 years of age. Any student under the age of 18 will have  to complete and send back a parental consent form. This policy is standard for the GED.

Is the GED recognized?

SAQA, the South African Qualifications Authority will evaluate each application and should evaluate the GED as being the closest comparable qualification to the South African National Senior Certificate (Grade 12).

The GED is fully accepted by over 98% of USA universities and colleges as well as over 96% of USA employers will accept the GED as being the same as a high school diploma.

What can I do after my GED?

The GED is a great stepping stone for students that would like to further their studies, whether they want to study in South Africa or Internationally. The GED creates many career opportunities for students looking to start on their working journey.

What subjects does the GED offer?

Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA)

Based on career and college readiness standards, the GED RLA test focuses on 3 essential groupings of skills:

The ability to read closely

The ability to write clearly

The ability to understand as well as to edit the use of standard written English in context

75% of the texts in the exam are from informational texts (including non-fiction drawn from the science and the social studies, as well as a range of texts from workplace contexts) and 25% are literature texts.

Social Studies

The GED Social Studies test focuses on 4 areas of content:

Civics and government (50%)

United States history (20%)

Economics (15%)

Geography and the world (15%)


The GED Science Test focuses on 3 major areas of content:

Life science (40%)

Physical science (40%)

Earth and space science (20%)

Mathematical Reasoning

The GED Mathematical Reasoning Test focuses on 2 areas of content:

Quantitative problem solving (45%)

Algebraic problem solving (55%)

Problem solving skills will be measured in the context of both academic and workforce. Over and above problem solving, the test also includes items that will test skill and fluency.

Test takers will be provided with an on-screen calculator, the Texas Instruments TI-30XS Multiview scientific calculator, which will be used for most of the items on the 2014 GED® Mathematics Test.

If you want to practice using the the online calculator you can use this link:

Where can I prepare to write my GED tests?

With, you have the flexibility to prepare online for your GED with an online learning platform, together with the online group lessons and support from highly experienced tutors. There is no need to feel alone in your journey, Learnalot will be with you every step of the way, all you need to do is enrol. Learnalot has developed a comprehensive weekly study timetable which helps you to know what you need to learn each and every week. Small groups with live weekly online lessons designed to help you do well on your tests.A detailed guide to the GED is available on the official GED South Africa website