Trauma Cleaners: Becoming One

Gone are the days when those who render trauma cleanup services are few with respect to the market that they work for. Nowadays, there are more trauma scene cleanup service providers than are necessarily needed. Some of these are not competent enough to be one but are nonetheless into the business. It could be because of the high turnover rate that industry commands.

Seeing that the cleanup industry is now brimming with labor, it becomes somewhat difficult to secure a job as a trauma cleaner. To solve this problem, you might want to borrow a leaf from how other trauma cleaners have crossed that bridge. A better option still is to find out what cleanup companies really expects from prospective trauma cleaners.

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First and foremost, it is becoming imperative that all prospective trauma cleaners be at least high school educated. If they are not, they must possess a certification that is of equivalent significance. Get this and you are one step closer to securing a job.

Next, while some cleanup companies still put their new recruits through courses on crime scene cleaning, bio-recovery and blood-borne pathogen handling, it would surely be a plus for you if you are already trained in these areas. So work on yourself and get these training done.

You should also be certified in the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as no cleanup company would let you work a crime scene if you can’t use a Hamzat suit or respirator efficiently.

Extra certifications are definitely not frowned upon by. If anything, it spices up your resume when your prospective employer takes a look at it. so look for courses that relates to crime scene cleaning and take up on them.


The job of cleaning a crime scene is in truth a difficult one. While it basically still centers on scrubbing, washing and cleaning in general, you might also find yourself in a position to do some heavy lifting. Cleaning companies are thus on a lookout for prospective employees who are in great shape physically. To increase your chances of getting a job therefore, you might want to focus on slimming down while building your muscles.

You should also be strong enough to handle long hours on the job while being on your feet for the better part of the time spent.


The job of cleaning up trauma scenes entails a whole lot. It could mean basic cleaning in some instances and the need to evacuate medical waste in another. Trauma cleanup companies are thus in need of cleanup crews with a diverse skill set.

Prospective trauma cleaners are thus in a very good position to snag up a job if they have prior experience in areas like construction or health care. Experience with handling power tools is also considered a plus.

In the cleanup industry, you would find out that a good deal of people who are now trauma cleaners used to work in the health sector or as police officials.  These ones are somehow more suited for the job because of the experience they must have garnered from their previous jobs.