Types Of Women’s Bathing Suit Tops That You Should Know

From the 1920s till date, women’s bathing suits have seen a dramatic evolution. Earlier the bathing suits were made to fulfill the purpose of bathing but now it is more about how flattering it can be as per one’s body shape. First was the era of one piece bathing suits then came the fashion of bikinis and now, you name it, the market has it. The trends and fashion have changed the actual meaning of bathing suits and moulded them into comfort suits. Suits that make you feel comfortable about your body shape inside or outside water.

With the endless options available in the market, it becomes extremely difficult to settle on that one appropriate type of suit. Well, we are here to help you find that right bathing top. Here are several types of women’s bathing suit tops. Consider each of these and choose the best one for yourself.


Bandeau is another name given to tube tops. These tops are made from one single fabric and are designed in a way that it wraps around the chest in a suitable manner. Many bandeau come with underwire support, many not. So depending upon your preferences you can choose which style you like. We would anyway suggest you to go for the one that comes with underwire support. Afterall support is what you need when y9our clothes are comelepetey wet. Bandeau is more suitable for women that have rectangle or pear shaped body.


This is an asymmetrical women’s bathing suit top which has a great style element in it. It can instantly amp up your basic bikini through the flir and pattern it has. It generally provides more support than bandeau but because it focuses more on the upper body, it is less liked by many women. One shoulder bathing suit tops are great for women with pear body shape.


Halter necks are the most celebrated shape of necks nowadays. From dresses to bathing suits, halter necks are something that you can see everywhere. The reason being the support and security that these tops provide. Though halter necks come with several cuts and patterns but all of them have a secure coverage around the neck either through neck ties or elastic bands. These tops are perfectly suitable for women having hourglass or apple body shape. Also, talking about women’s bathing suit bottoms, high waist swim bottoms, hispeters, classic briefs, skirts and even thongs, everything looks great with halter neck tops.


Triangle shaped bikini tops are again made from two triangle shaped pieces of fabric that wraps around the chest and covers your breast. These tops are extremely flattering for all body shapes. Anyone can wear these tops out and slay in style.


If you are looking for maximum breast support then out of all women’s bathing suit tops, underwire tops are the one for you. They are actual mimics of your traditional bras and you even get to choose your cup size in them.

We hope these tops give you a clear idea about your want and need. See you at the beach!