Unconscious Bias Training – Unlocking the Will to Master Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias training unlocks the mystery that is the link between the conscious and unconscious mind. This is fundamental to our awareness and understanding of ourselves. If we are interested in increasingly mastering ourselves, our relationships and the world around us, this is training that needs to be prioritized.

 The subconscious mind is a vast reservoir of ideas and attitudes. As such it is a powerful guidance system. In the moment, incoming information is accessed by the subconscious mind and its results directed back to the conscious mind. This interaction between the conscious and the unconscious is vital to how we think, feel and respond. Most importantly, this interaction shapes the way we survive, learn, grow and thrive.

Table of Contents

Being in Charge

The unconscious mind is the gatekeeper, but not in absolute control. The job of the conscious mind is to decide and make choices in the present. To shape the future.

 The conscious frames our will to evolve in terms of our values, beliefs and desires. It is purpose driven and can determine right from wrong. Unconscious bias awareness training is key to showing us that despite the constraints of our past we are still the liberators of our future. It reinforces that we cannot afford to abdicate our responsibility to chart our course forward based on what we now see and strive to achieve.

The benefit of unconscious bias training is that it illuminates the real possibilities in how we first and foremost change ourselves. Once we are in better control of ourselves transforming our relationships becomes a distinct reality and how we can more positively impact the world. Unconscious bias awareness training is the first step in retaining our minds so that the unconscious once understood becomes more of a partner than a dictator.  

Reflection and Action

Through training our ability to increasingly focus on awareness, responsibility and accountability for our choices and actions is liberating. Armed with the knowledge of how unconscious bias operates, we can begin to examine our normally automatic responses more closely.

 This picture of our chosen destiny can counterbalance the information delivered by the unconscious. Decisions in this way become more aligned to long term aspirations and the way we shape our true selves.   

As we consider  unconscious bias training, we soon realize creating the right new thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences is critical to re-evaluating  our unconscious minds.  Broad ranging life reshaping may be necessary for rapid conversion if this is our aim. The rigorous search for and application of best practice in overcoming negative unconscious bias is optimal. Experts in diversity and inclusion management are well positioned to provide guidance in this regard to ensure time is not wasted and reliable solutions are efficiently and effectively applied.

Unconscious bias awareness training allows us to see what C.G. Jung highlighted in the following words “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” If we seek mastery, which is control or superiority over something we need comprehensive knowledge and skill application. Unconscious bias training enables this clarity. With mastery of the self we create the perfection we seek.