Why People Buy SUVs and Why Some Avoid Them?

Here is interesting information published in the New York Times. The statistics show that only 24% of the car buyers in the United States purchased an SUV in 2016. In Australia, high-riding vehicles such as SUVs continue to attract more customers and dominate markets in 2021. Even though due to the pandemic, the auto market in Australia slumped 7.8 percent, SUV sales have been increasing dramatically and just went down 2.4 percent. 

The cracking question is: Why are people so excited about buying SUVs, while some of them completely turn their backs on them? In this post, we will answer those questions and diver deeper into the reality of why this fact is causing SUVs-makers to sale more cars than ever. 

Are SUV Too Expensive? 

According to a Power’s Survey, many car drivers love purchasing budget cars in Australia, the UK, and America. The cost of SUV is the No.1 reason why people did not buy SUVs at the first place. The fact remains that SUVs are also poor at gas economy and provide low mileage. They are not really as great as other cars out there that don’t cost you a fortune. 

In other words, one can assume that SUV price is the biggest factor that puts so many customers down in the 21st century. Just as the car salespersons are trying to sell as many expensive cars, SUV buyers are trying to avoid expensive cars. Moving towards SUVs is not a great decision in the middle of global economic downturn. Even thought the prices of fuel are going down, people don’t want to take loans and invest them in buying the most expensive vehicles on the planet.

Brand Loyalty is the Biggest Features  

It has never been cheaper to drive an SUV before. It is a big concern for the people because SUVs are 9% costly than other vehicles. But, the problem is something else in addition to price; SUV buyers are interested in something called brand loyalty. They can afford to pay the price of a large car such as an SUV, but they hate to put their trust on other brands that let them down with features. That is another reason why SUV market is flourishing in advanced countries.

More Interesting Facts about SUVs

The above details and survey results uncovered many true facts about the SUVs and their dominance in the market. However, we have e some more facts that can catch your attention in 2021. 

If you are a driver or car owner who just bought a new vehicle in Australia in the year 2020, what sort of vehicles turned your heads? What are the vehicles that did not interest you in 2020? You can ask these questions to yourself and find out more about why you need an SUV or a small car to satisfy your desires. If you possess a strong desire to ride a luxurious and expensive vehicle, then you can easily pay a fortune to buy an SUV for your family. 

Here are a few things SUVs provide you that other budget cars cannot provide: 

Huge Seating Capacity

For whatever reason, people are more conscious of car space than ever before. Nowadays, family sizes are increasing with a number of pets and children to accompany you during a ride. An SUV provides a certain capacity of pulling heavy weights and offer great seating. 

People who have large families need to travel to places where they can spend their winters away from the cold. This is why these families always prefer SUVs over normal sized cars. Large seating is a necessity for SUVs. No other vehicle can provide you such a huge space to take groups of people with you to your new destination in winter. And always remember, when you need to buy an expensive SUV, you should first sell your scrap car to Top Cash for Cars Company and get top dollar for car removal services to purchase a new car. 

Safety and Security 

Some car owners know and believe that an SUV is the safest driving option for them in the middle of turbulent times. Because an SUV is heavier and larger than its counterparts, it also offers tall seats to accommodate many children or even pets. The biggest security that an SUV can provide is psychological security to users. They feel more secure in their SUV than in any other car. 

Great Winter Driving Experience

Since winters can get harsh with drivers easily slipping on icy roads and crashing into other cars and poles, some drivers love to choose an SUV because the vehicle has the capability of navigating an icy road better than anything else on the planet. Even if it is snowing in June, you can easily travel on roads. With SUVs, you can handle rough weather better than small or medium-sized cars.