Why You Should Be Blogging on Shopify

More than 2.8 million blogs are published every single day. That’s a lot of content, and that amount is gradually growing. In the middle of the marketing era for content, we are smack-dab.

There is a way to stand out in the crowd, and drive your business on traffic and sales. Blogging is an enormous part of an e-commerce marketing campaign, but many people do not know that every Shopify site has a blog to it.

So, let ‘s look at how Shopify blog functions, the features it provides, and how it combines your blogging with your e-commerce store.

Blogging with Shopify website:

For most e-commerce sites, the embedded capabilities of Shopify should be broad enough to suit your needs. Because It’s free, fast, and easy to get started, and it covers the basics of blogging — including uploading photos and video, an excellent graphic editor, automatic title and description SEO, ability to schedule future posts, comments, and tags. It’s not as powerful as WordPress dedicated blog systems, but you may not need all that functionality.

Advantages of using this particular blogging with Shopify: why you should choose Shopify website development service so far

Using your blog on Shopify makes:

Start and keep the readers on your online shop.

Keep a cohesive feel between your shop and blog; they ‘re just different pages on the same site. But the look of the website may be equal.

Manage and maintain the content, with only one administration tool to update your shop and blog

Facile for you. Simple to customers.

Shopify content management system:

 Blogging is all about the informative content: what topics you are covering, what interests your readers, and how good is your content, and how far and wide your content is shared.  Shopify offers features that let people discover your content and share it. Shopify apps can integrate additional features with your blog too.

Shopify vs. another blogging platform:

If you already use WordPress for your blog (or another site like Medium or Tumblr), you can incorporate your external blog into your Shopify shop. There are some important things that you should know about this set-up though:

SEO Impact: A blog must be built as a subdomain within Shopify on other platforms; it cannot be added as a subdirectory. (Blog URL is blog.mywebsite.com, in lieu of mywebsite.com/blog). Implications on this discrepancy may be SEO.

Extra Effort: The two sites will have dual logins and separate hosting (Shopify and your blog). Confusing Design Differences: Your blog platform will have a website design entirely different from Shopify; the two themes will be developed from completely different languages. One choice is to find a fairly similar theme and customize the colors to match your Shopify website, but customers can do so.

There are many web development services providers can give a better design for Shopify website design.

All things totally depend on your requirement, whether you want the Shopify website or want to use other platforms.

I hope this article will help you understand why you can also choose the Shopify website development service for a better blogging website.