4 Effective DIY Tips on How to Clean Frameless Shower Doors

Clean frameless shower doors attached in every bathroom screams sophisticated elegance. If not well taken care of, you will be read to filth by your visitors who happened to use your bathroom.  

Keeping your glass shower door clear and sparkling needs a lot of effort to achieve. There are a lot of products available in the market but they all perform the same. If you are tired of looking for the best solution in cleaning your bathroom door, well your search is over!

In this short guide, we will introduce you to the common causes of glass door dirt and the effective ways on how to eliminate them so you can achieve sparkling clean frameless shower doors.

Introducing the common dirt found on your glass shower doors

Have you ever noticed that white marks or sometimes gray film on your glass doors and mirrors? They sometimes have a waxy texture and are very hard to clean. This is called soap scum, which is a combination of soap particles and minerals from hard water. This combination creates water-insoluble stains commonly found sticking on smooth surfaces like glass or mirrors.

If you feel hopeless about this dirt, well, don’t throw your glass door just yet. There is still a way to clean soap scum buildup. Here are some do-it-yourself tips on how you can eliminate dirt and prevent them from coming back.

DIY Hacks for Cleaning Your Shower Door

If your shower door has a frame, you might have some difficulties cleaning it. But if your shower doors are frameless, then you are lucky since it is much easier to clean. Listed below are some of the easy-to-follow cleaning tips for your shower doors.

1. Vinegar and water mixture

One of the cheapest and most practical solutions for cleaning your shower door is by using white vinegar mixed with water. The acidity of the vinegar helps break down the soap and mineral build-up. It is also considered a safe solution since it does not bring danger to humans, the environment, and the glass of your shower door. 

To prepare this solution, all you need to do is to pour one part of vinegar into three parts of distilled water and transfer it to a spray bottle. Once mixed together, you can now spray it to the glass. Let it sit for a minute then rinse the solution with water. Wipe the glass with a cloth after a few minutes.

2. Baking soda and vinegar mixture

We all know that vinegar’s acidity helps break down soap scum but adding baking soda to the mixture boosts the acidity of the vinegar, thus creating a more effective cleaning agent. This mixture is often used to clean thicker build-ups of soap particles and hard waters.

So how do you prepare this mixture? You will be needing half a cup of baking soda mixed with white vinegar and together you will create a cleaning paste. You have to wipe the paste generously on the glass. 

After 10-15 minutes, wipe off the paste with a cloth damped with warm water. With this solution, you can achieve shower glass that not only sparkles but is also fragrant.

3. Lemon and water mixture

Just like vinegar, lemon juice is also one of the most affordable solutions for cleaning shower glass doors. The juice extracted from lemon is made of citric acid that is known as an extraordinary cleaning property.

To prepare this effective solution, you need to squeeze three lemons into a cup and add three tablespoons of distilled water then pour it into a spray bottle. After everything is properly mixed, spray the mixture into the shower door. Once five minutes have passed, you can not wipe off the mixture with a dry cloth.

4. Peppermint and vodka mixture

Another effective way to get rid of soap scum is by using a mixture of peppermint essential oil and vodka. Some of you may not know this but vodka is often used to clean things. Vodka has solvent cleaning properties that help clean glass and mirrors without streaking.

Let’s prepare your cleaning cocktail! In a small bowl, mix half a cup of vodka with ten drops of peppermint essential oil and one cup of water then mix well. Transfer the mixture into a spray bottle and then generously apply the mixture to your glass door and rinse it with warm water after 15 minutes.

Cheers to a Sparkly-Clean Shower Door

Clean frameless shower doors cannot be achieved in only one setting since the buildup of soap scum always comes back and that’s for sure. After making your shower door into something clear and sparkly, you need to find a few minutes in your day to wipe your glass door every after shower to prevent the soap particles and hard waters from building up, otherwise, you will have to get back from the start all over again.

But don’t worry! These helpful DIY tips always come in handy.