Organization ideas for better productivity

Don’t we all love to organize things? Especially the workspace! Regardless of how our house looks and the wardrobe is a mess. Keeping the desk neat and the working area clean is something all of us take pride in. And why shouldn’t we?! After all, most of the time we spend is by the desk – be it at the office or home.

It’s been over a year and a half or even more for many of the employees that have been working from home. I’m pretty sure that the work corner has become a pretty cozy place with all the cute stationery and plants, which otherwise couldn’t be placed at the office desk.

It’s time to update the corner. And for the ones who prefer to get back to the office, you can also use these organizational ideas to improve your productivity.

Email Finder Tool

The businesses are getting back on their feet fast and how. It also means getting more leads and generating more sales pitches. Finding new contact through your regular channels every week can be exhausting. In cases like these, is just the answer you need.

This AI-powered website has an extensive database of all the email addresses of professionals around the world. is powered to provide you access to hundreds of emails at the drop of a hat. Unlike other platforms, this one comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account. So now, finding contacts and leads has become very easy.

Task Automation

Every job has its own high time, downtime and boring time. Boring time is especially dull because we’re supposed to perform the same tasks every day without fail. Like, sending the same invite every other day or checking out the same to-do list every day.

To break the monotony, download apps on the computer that will do this stuff for you – While you concentrate on other significant tasks like browsing the internet. But mind you not to spend too much time on the internet either. This vicious monster will eat up the time even before you realize it. Some apps can control the period spent on the internet too.

Desk Detox

Sticky notes are the best because they can be attached anywhere and are colourful. These tiny little papers make the desk look pleasant, all while reminding us to finish the task that we’ve written on it. These are great as long as there aren’t 20 of them stuck around the place. Take off the ones that are no longer in use and prepare only one or two stickies with all the information.

With work comes wires. They are endless and ever tangled. USB cables, mouse wires, chargers, phone chargers, headphones and the list of these copper wires just goes on and on. Decluttering this mess is most satisfactory. Invest in some declutter holders online and adjust the wires accordingly. You’ll be amazed to see how much space is now available on the desk.

These are just a few suggestions for the virtual and physical organization of your work. The more organized we are, the easier it gets to finish the task. After all, we do want to log out saying ‘what an awesome day it was’.