The most important thing for warehouse owners is to ensure that their supplies or products are stored as appropriately as possible to avoid spoilage and make it easy to manage inventory. Industrial boltless racks or shelves have been providing warehouse owners with flexible storage for years. The advanced boltless design makes it easy for them to adapt the storage space to their needs. Here are the five benefits of boltless rack Malaysia for your warehouse.


The first advantage of boltless racks is that you can adapt them to suit your warehouse storage needs. The racks are adjustable in that you can readjust them to different levels to store differently sized items. When ordering them, you can order custom units of various height levels depending on the size of your warehouse.

Easy access

Your objective should be to make it easy for your staff to manage inventory to increase efficiency in the workplace. Boltless racks provide precisely that. There are no sway braces required, making it easy to access the space from all four sides. Four or more steel beams are installed to prevent the structure from swaying.

Easy to assemble

Boltless racks provide assembly flexibility, making it an easy and quick process. Since they are boltless, the only tool needed to install them is a mallet. With that, you can create the most unique and productive design ever. It is also possible to adjust the units vertically, and you can opt for wire mesh racking for optimal airflow, depending on the items of your warehouse.


A boltless rack Malaysia is made of steel which means the final racking is strong enough to offer maximum support to your bulky items. Boltless rack units can hold from 500-2000 pounds per shelf. As such, you will enjoy a durable storage solution for your warehouse, which boosts your workplace’s efficiency.


Boltless racking is economical because there no complicated shelving equipment and tools required. All you need to install the boltless racks are the units and a rubber mallet. You don’t need cross beams or bolts, and you get robust shelving units at an affordable price. More space is available, making room for more storage hence more growth of your business.

Provides storage for unique items

Some of the items suitable for storage on boltless racking include archives, computer parts, fabric rolls, etc. With boltless shelving units, you don’t have to stack items in boxes or pallets, which makes it harder to access them. If you need to store bulky and oddly shaped items, you can opt for a mezzanine floor Malaysia to maximize your storage space and install boltless racking systems.


Boltless rack units provide a customizable storage solution for your warehouse. They provide product visibility since they are accessible from all four sides and are durable, giving you an economical answer to your storage needs.