Former Batting Champion Todd Helton Gives Batting Advice

Todd Helton is well known for being one of the best hitters in the history of Major League Baseball. Over the course of his 17-year career, which he spent entirely with the Colorado Rockies, Todd Helton amassed more than 2,500 hits and was named an All-Star five times. Due to the success that he had at the plate, many baseball players and coaches have asked him for advice on how to be a better hitter. Helton has recently given tips that can help anyone to become better when at the plate. 

Todd Helton Believes You Need to Focus on the Mechanics

One tip that Todd Helton has given is to always focus on the mechanics. When people watch baseball players, they may quickly notice the power and bat speed. However, there is a lot more that goes into it. A baseball swing needs to be efficient, quick, and smooth. To have this, you need to spend time and work hard to perfect the individual mechanics that go into your swing. With time, it will improve and you can be a better overall hitter.

Receives Full Evaluation and Critique from Someone You Trust

As you are going to try and improve your swing and be a better hitter, you need to be willing to receive a full evaluation and criticism from coaches and evaluators. While all people will have a small area or two of their swing that can be improved, it does require that someone evaluates the entire hitting process in order to fully understand what needs to be worked on. Todd Helton believes that you need to allow someone to record your full swing and work with you to find areas of improvement. 

Know Your Strengths When it Comes to Batting

There are a lot of important parts that go into having a quality swing that will help you see the ball and hit it cleanly. There are some parts of a swing that you will be good at and others that need to be improved upon. Todd Helton and other professionals continue to believe that you need to work on finding out what you are good at and determining ways to take advantage of your existing talent and skill set. Based on this approach, you can improve your hitting by focusing and taking advantage of what you are already good at.

Anyone that plays baseball will want to learn to be a better hitter. One individual that can provide great advice for this is Todd Helton. As one of the best pure hitters in baseball history, Helton can give the advice and support that is needed to become a more efficient hitter and improve your overall batting average. This could help you to get on base more and ultimately help your team be better and win more games.