5 Ways to Support U.S. Businesses During a Building Renovation

Are you committed to supporting U.S.-based businesses no matter what, even while performing renovations to your home or business? When you need building supplies, it’s hard to fully research the source to find out where it comes from. Some products are marked “assembled in the USA,” but the components and raw materials come from overseas.

If supporting the local economy is a priority, here’s how you can complete your renovations and support U.S. businesses at the same time.

1. Seek out USA-made brands

In the home improvement industry, there are a handful of companies that source all raw materials from U.S. companies and have their products assembled locally. These companies make everything from siding and cabinets to insulation and wall panels.

For example, you can get trusscore PVC panels made in the USA that meet and exceed all building codes. Vinyl wall panels are more expensive than drywall, but it’s worth the investment because trusscore is durable and water-resistant.

No matter what products you’re looking for, you can probably find a local company that produces the materials or items in the United States.

2. Settle only when there are no other options

Chances are, you won’t be able to source every material and product from the USA, and that’s to be expected. Whenever possible, only settle for products made elsewhere when there are no other options. This will help you maximize the number of local companies you do business with.

If you care about national politics, you can research your overseas options to make sure you choose companies with practices that align with your values.

3. Search for USA-based materials online

Start looking for U.S. materials manufacturers using your favorite search engine, whether it’s Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Duck Duck Go. You’ll find dozens of lists created by various bloggers that list local companies based in the United States.

For instance, this list published on Yahoo contains several popular construction companies that contribute a significant portion of the United States’ GPD. The list includes the following companies:

·  Huttig Building Products, Inc.

·  U.S. Concrete, Inc.

·  Boise Cascade Company

·  Eagle Materials, Inc.

·  TopBuild Corp.

·  And more

Try using variations of the following search phrases to find more companies:

USA-based construction companies

U.S. construction companies

Local U.S. building materials

Building materials made in the USA

There’s probably a local company for just about everything you need. So keep searching until you find what you need.

4. Look for USA-made furniture and fixtures

Are you considering a change of scenery in your home? Or, are you building an additional room you’ll eventually need to furnish? Are you remodeling your kitchen or bathroom?

You’ll be happy to know there are plenty of companies that make fixtures in the United States, including kitchen cabinets. For instance, Apartment Therapy published a list of 10 companies that make kitchen cabinets in the USA. The list includes:

·  Barker Cabinets in Portland, Oregon

·  Hampshire Cabinetry in Piqua, Ohio

·  Hanssem America in South Plainfield, New Jersey

·  Sequoia Cabinetry in Dudley, Missouri

·  Kitchen Magic in Nazareth, Pennsylvania

·  And more

Whether you’re looking for couches, kitchen cabinets, or light fixtures, look for American companies and you’ll certainly find someone who will help you keep your projects local.

5. Consider upcycled materials

Upcycled materials will save you a ton of money and time if you can find a local resource. Used materials won’t necessarily be made in the USA, but since they’ve already been purchased and used, you won’t need to buy new materials from outside the U.S.

Made in the USA means quality

Supporting local business is important to develop and strengthen local economies, but it’s hard to keep all purchases local. Many components and supplies come from overseas and that makes it more challenging.

If you want to support the American economy, it’s important to choose U.S.-made goods. The United States isn’t a big producer of goods. The USA imports more than it exports, and that’s why you’re helping the U.S. economy so much when you buy local.

Supporting the U.S. economy creates and maintains more local jobs, which also increases the tax revenue for cities across the world. Keeping your home improvement projects in the USA supports the national and local economies, ensuring those companies stay in business longer.

Although you can expect to pay a little more, USA-made materials are high-quality, durable products that get the job done right and last a long time.