All About The Best Herbal Tea In Australia & Its Benefits

Tea is produced from the plant species called Camellia Sinensis. And unlike regular tea, herbal tea comes from a different category. It originates from teasan or tisanes. Teasan is a mixture of herbs, fruits and plant species without any tea leaves. And such teas that do have tea leaves in them are caffeine free tea.

When it comes to the best herbal tea, the options are endless. You get to go by the trial and error method for finding which tea is the best for you. Because there is a wide range of teas that come under the category of caffeine free or herbal tea. Also the fact that herbal tea is good for health, brings all these options at the top. Here is the list of some best herbal teas along with their benefits.

Benefits of Herbal Tea

Bulk organic herbs come with several perks. Apart from being cost effective they also benefit our health in a way that no other herbs can. From weight loss by decreasing the cholesterol levels to boosting better digestion, herbal tea does it all. The story doesn’t end here, herbal tea is also known for curing diabetes, cancer, heart diseases etc. It has many antimicrobial qualities that boost mental alertness. Well, if you are still confused about getting started with drinking the best herbal tea, here is the list of different types of herbal teas with their benefits.


Peppermint herbal tea is a type of organic tea in Australia that is suitable for people suffering from gastric issues. It helps in getting rid of indigestion, abdominal gas and bloating. So all those facing this same problem, peppermint herbal tea is all you need.


If you are suffering from inflammation in the mouth, Chamomile herbal tea is the one you should go for. It is the go to option for bronchitis, cough and cold. Chamomile tea comes with anti-inflammatory properties and is sedative in nature. These properties bring Chamomile tea to the top.


There are several herbs online in Australia but nothing better than Ginger herbal tea. It is one of the best organic drinks to treat morning sickness and nausea. Ginger is also known for taking care of the lost appetite and easing nausea in all those undergoing cancer treatment.


Next on the list is Rosehip herbal tea. It is rich in vitamin C and therefore does wonders in building your immune system strong. Apart from strong immunity, vitamin C is also great for skin as well as the circulatory system.

Milk Thistle

This particular herb is mostly found in North America, Canada, Mexico and North India. It has amazing properties of detoxifying and aiding liver function. It is one of the best herbal teas available online that is worth giving a try.