Dr. June Gower Discusses 5 Qualities of an Excellent Nurse

Dr. June Gower recently discussed five qualities of an excellent nurse.

An exceptional nurse is a principal asset to the hospital and the community in helping patients recover their baseline health, understand a new disease, or come to terms with death. Dr. June Gower has decades of experience in the healthcare industry, and she recently discussed five qualities that make an outstanding nurse.

“An excellent nurse improves the entire dynamic of the workplace,” Dr. Gower said. “Nurses are critical to the functionality of a hospital and patient experiences without nurses, these important elements American hospitals would require families to deliver care.”

A Continuous Desire to Learn

One of the most fulfilling aspects of the nursing career is that it always offers opportunities for learning and advancement. Nursing is a scientific discipline, and it requires continuing education for success. A quality nurse embraces these opportunities to learn and better serve patients.


Dr. June Gower notes that nurses often deal with patients and families undergoing some of the most demanding life moments. It’s essential that they are sympathetic and nurturing while doing the job effectively.

A considerable part of a nurse’s compassion is showing respect for the patient, their family, and individual diversity or cultural belief systems, honoring the delivery of care as the patient deems appropriate. An excellent nurse understands the painful situations each person is enduring and always shows respect for confidentiality.

Excellent Communication Skills

Nurses communicate with countless individuals on a daily basis. They must relay messages to the patient, the patient’s family, doctors, fellow nurses, technicians, and more. Communicating effectively can ensure a patient receives the care they need and expect.

Dr. June Gower added that nurses are expected to be advocates for patients who cannot speak for themselves. A nurse may notice an issue that needs attention, and her excellent communication can be life-saving.

Attention to Detail

A great nurse is able to stay focused and attentive, even in a hectic environment. They have a keen attention to detail, whether measuring medication doses, completing assessments, or following doctors’ orders.s. A top-quality nurse notices minute changes in a patient’s condition and can clearly communicate them to other medical team members without leaving out any critical information.

Critical Thinking Skills

Nursing is a demanding field that involves good judgment and years of intense education. A nurse understands that every patient is different and that care needs to be customized for each patient. They are able to adapt to unexpected circumstances and solve problems through critical thinking and make sound clinical decisions.

June Gower and the Importance of Protecting Nurses

Dr. June Gower spent 20 years working in numerous healthcare roles in the U.S. Armed Services and, Internationally. She also worked as an Interim Healthcare Leader for numerous healthcare centers across the United States.

She knows that nurses are essential to the healthcare system, and ensuring these hardworking individuals are supported is an absolute must for the betterment of overall patient care as we currently know it. Dr. Gower is currently working to create social change in the current U.S. healthcare system to improve the lives of doctors, nurses, patients, and everyone who passes through the industry.