Five Ways to Improve Your Spouse’s Comfort in Their New Workspace

It’s important to understand that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the question of what makes a good workspace for one person. That’s because what might be best for one might not be best for another, especially since every person is different.

This means you can’t just go with your gut when trying to figure out how to improve your spouse’s comfort in their new workspace. But if you take some time and think about it, you’ll find that good workspace design is all about finding a balance between your significant other’s needs and what you know to be good design.

Of course, your spouse might not be the one who can best describe what their ideal workspace would look like. Instead, you might have to rely on your judgment. If that’s the case, don’t worry because you probably have a good grasp of what they need just by being with them and knowing them for as long as you do.

But if you need a little more help, read on for some simple ways you can improve your spouse’s comfort in their new workspace:

1. Make sure the space is comfortable enough

Your spouse might prefer something more minimalist than you do, or they may need an environment that supports their creative process better than yours does. So, make it a mission to give them what they want. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money either.

You can start by doing some research into the different types of office furniture. For instance, would your spouse appreciate a metal industrial desk, or would they want something simpler to inspire their creativity? To take the guesswork out of the equation, you could even take them with you on your next visit to an office supply store. Your spouse will surely appreciate this kind of care and attention.

2. Check if their new workspace is good for getting things done

Does the workspace have access to all of your spouse’s equipment, or are there things that they don’t have? There should be everything they need to get work done because that’s the whole point of having a dedicated workspace at home.

So, before you settle on how to improve the space, find out what they need first. If your spouse works with complex machinery or needs to keep lots of supplies nearby, you should see if their new workspace will accommodate all of that easily.

3. Work on the process with your spouse

If you’re trying to improve your spouse’s comfort in their workspace, it should go without saying that you have to work on the process with them. Let your spouse take part in designing their new space.

Even if they don’t follow your advice perfectly when picking out the right furniture and other items for their new workspace, at least they’ll feel like they’ve had some say in the process. So make sure to give your spouse ample opportunities to voice their opinions and expectations before you try improving their workspace.

4. Try to make your spouse feel more welcome

Everyone feels a little more comfortable when they have someone on their side, so make sure your spouse knows that you’re rooting for them. This could mean buying the perfect office chair for your spouse and then having them try it out in their new workspace. Or you can give them a knowing look when you see how excited they are about their new space.

You want your spouse to feel like this is their workplace, not just some new addition to the home. So make sure that they get what they want out of their new workspace and that it feels like a workplace rather than a hobby room.

5. Improve their comfort level by coordinating your schedules

In the space that you’re both occupying, decide who goes where and when. Try to make sure there’s a plan for how each person will maximize their comfort in this new environment because you won’t want your spouse to feel like they have no room of their own.

In many cases, you both should have a delineated workspace so that neither of you feels cramped or uncomfortable. Just take note of all the areas where you’re both going to be working and try to put them in places that will maximize your comfort.

There’s really no right or wrong way to make a comfortable workspace for another person. The important thing is that you both feel ready to take on this challenge together and that you know what the other person wants out of their workday.

Keep these tips in mind when adjusting to your spouse’s new workspace because you’re more likely to have a happy and healthy working relationship in no time. Also, this can be a good way to show your appreciation for your spouse for all the hard work they do every day.