Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Active During Winter

Many countries in the Northern Hemisphere are currently in the middle of the coldest season of the year, and there is nothing more demotivating than having to face yet another day without warmth. There’s a reason they call it cuddle weather: It awakens our human urge to hibernate under the covers, drink some hot chocolate, and do nothing all day.

However, you still need to find ways to move your body around, especially when you’re raising kids. Whether you like it or not, your children are looking at you. They’re watching how you conduct your life, how you care for your health, and how you respond to challenging situations. They will more likely than not emulate everything they see in you as they grow up. This is why you need to model healthy habits and behavior in your kids’ early childhood. 

If you and your kids are cooped up at home due to the cold season, here are some fun and simple ways to keep the entire family moving and active:

Convert an Area of Your Home into a Sports Court

If you have a large spare room or a big yard, why not have it surfaced into a tennis court? Or perhaps a basketball court or any other sport that you and your family love. As the world continues to battle a pandemic, making these investments is crucial, especially since going to public gyms or other facilities to exercise is not always the safest option. You can go to the park, sure, but there is nothing more convenient and comforting than knowing that your fitness space is right in the comfort of your home.

Having your own sports court at home will not only encourage your kids to move, but they might also learn to value the sport and grow up playing it in a more formal capacity. It’s a great way to raise future athletes!

Explore Some Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

Many people have been making the best out of a bad situation ever since the pandemic, and this winter is no different. The best part about going through winter is enjoying some outdoor activities that you can’t do during warmer seasons! Here are some examples of winter activities that you can try with your kids:

  • Have a snowman-making competition. Give the best one a prize!
  • Build a snow fort or a snow maze during snowy days. You can even lie down on the snow to make some cute snow angels.
  • You can also teach your kids how to sled, or maybe to ski.
  • Throwing snowballs are also the simplest and most fun way to play in the snow.
  • If you have a toddler, you can have them chase some bubbles around. They freeze during winter, making them incredibly pretty.

When playing out in the snow, make sure to dress your kids incredibly warmly. Layer them up with a winter coat, a thick scarf, mittens or gloves, and a warm hat. Invest in some high-quality boots as well, especially for snow days or when the streets are muddy.

Get Them Moving Around the House

You also don’t need to go out to get them moving during the winter. Here are some fun physical activities you can try indoors:

  • Put on some upbeat music and encourage them to dance with you. You can buy some cheap glow sticks or even a disco ball to make it more fun.
  • If you and your kids have a competitive streak, play some games that require physical movement. These games include Charades, Simon Says, and even Twister. If you have an Xbox Kinect or a Wii, you might want to break those consoles out too. You can also set up a non-creepy escape room or a treasure hunt, especially if your kids also love a good mind or memory game.
  • Set up a challenging (but safe!) obstacle course using blankets, pillows, and other items around the house. You can also tape down hopscotch on the floor to have them moving around. Do you know that “the floor is lava” game? That might come in handy for days when your kids are bored and want to do something other than reading or watching TV.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you and your kids need to be exempted from feelings of warmth and excitement. Find ways to make them move, but make sure it’s entertaining. That way, they don’t feel coerced into doing it. More than anything, they will appreciate your presence too, so invest in their health through these fun ideas and tips.