Helpful information when moving into a new apartment

Moving into a new apartment is a big job that can be stressful and time-consuming. However, putting some plans in place prior to relocating can help make the transition hassle-free. It is an exciting time and you should be enjoying the process rather than loathing it. We’ve put together a list of must-dos to get you on the right track. 

Communicate with the new landlord as well as the old one

If you’ve decided you want to move, you need to let the current landlord know when you plan on doing so. Normally, the property will need to be cleaned thoroughly, the lawns and gardens tidied, and professional pest and carpet cleaning will need to be done prior to handing the keys over and lodging for your bond return. This can vary though and the landlord should provide you with a description of what needs to be completed before you leave. You will need to establish a move in day with the new landlord and when the new lease will commence. Typically, renters in Australia are required to pay 4 weeks rent plus an additional 2 weeks ahead. If you are buying, once you have signed the purchase agreement, you will need to determine what the occupancy date is.


When moving into a new apartment building it is important you ask if there is any onsite parking included, if not you may need to pay for off-site street parking if there aren’t any spaces. This can prove to be a huge inconvenience as well as a costly one. Additionally, you will need to make sure there is enough room to get a truck or alternative up to the apartment. If not, you may be doing many trips back and forth carrying furniture a long distance, which is less than ideal. When it comes to large heavy household items, you will need to consider whether there is lift or only stairs, if there is only stairs you may need to factor in more people to help you get your items to your apartment.

Call in the professionals

If your budget allows, it’s a good idea to hire professional removalists. They know how to transport furniture safely and how to manoeuvre it into difficult or tight spaces without causing any damage. Whilst sourcing family and friends to help is a budget friendly option, you risk damage to your belongings and potentially your helpers. 

Get packing

The last thing you want to do is put off your packing until the last minute. Start packing the non-essential items that you don’t use regularly first. If you have furniture that isn’t used every day, you can start dismantling it (if it needs to be) and move it to an accessible area of the home that isn’t in the way. Label your boxes as you go so you don’t forget what’s in them. Write the contents on numerous sides so it is easy to see without having to shift boxes. This makes it much easier for when you move into your new apartment the box can be placed in the exact area it needs to go. If you are using recycled boxes, try sourcing them early to ensure you have enough for your belongings. If packing is not up your alley, hire a professional removalist to do it for you. Most offer this service, it takes the stress off you and it increases the likelihood of your items arriving safe and sound.

Change of address

You can get your mail redirected for a small fee at the post office, which is a great option for when you first move as it gives you time to change your address on necessary paperwork, accounts etc. Your mail is simply redirected from your old address to your new one. The most important ones to take care of first are:

  1. Your driver’s licence 
  2. Utilities such as water, gas, electricity, phone, and internet
  3. Government agencies such as Centrelink, The Australian Taxation Office, Medicare
  4. Your employer
  5. Bank
  6. Insurance provider
  7. Vehicle registration
  8. Children’s schools and sporting clubs if any
  9. Voter registration

Big items

If you already have furniture you will need to consider if and how they will fit into your new home. Exceptionally large furniture items sometimes do not fit up stairwells or into lifts and will need a crane to lift them up to the apartment via a balcony if there is one. If this is the case, you will need to weigh up whether the cost of a crane is worth it or if you are better off buying smaller furniture items. If you plan on buying brand new furniture, organise it to get delivered once you have moved into your new place, this saves double handling and can save you time having to shift it yourself.

The more organized you are the less stressful moving will be. If your budget allows, it pays to hire professional help. A removalist can almost eliminate all of the stress that comes with moving by organizing the bulk of the packing and shifting on your behalf, allowing you to enjoy your new apartment when moving day arrives rather than running around delegating jobs to others and taking on the labor yourself. Our team here at Robina Removalists can pack and transport your goods, saving you the hassle. Get in contact with our friendly team to see how we can help.