How To Look Awesome On Your Job Interview

Many people spend a lot of time and money on their education but then neglect their appearance for the job interview. Appearances can be highly important to your potential employer as they will want you to help influence customers and clients. Not making an effort with your appearance is like showing up for a job interview in shabby clothes or stained teeth.

Before going into a job interview, you need to know that how you appear will be highly important to your potential employer. You want to make sure that your appearance leaves a good impression on the interviewer, so they can see you are serious about this position before they hear what you have to say.

People who do not take care of their appearance are often seen as unprofessional or lazy by employers. By neglecting your appearance, you show that you don’t care about the position and aren’t willing to put in much effort.

Whether it is high-end or low-end, casual or professional, it does not matter what kind of job you are applying for; there will always be something appropriate for you to wear. However, keep in mind that everyone has different styles and comfort levels in clothes and fashion, so just because an outfit may be appropriate does not mean that you will like it or feel comfortable in it.

Clothes For Your Interview

When going into a job interview, remember that first impressions are lasting, so always make sure you look the part before entering the door. It is also important to stay true to yourself, but by dressing better than everyone else around you, people may assume you are more qualified than others competing for the same position. Here’s what you should wear based on the situation:

Casual Job Interview: People should dress casually and comfortably when they go on a job interview. This means nice jeans, a clean tee-shirt, and clean shoes. Casual interviews work best for people applying to low-end jobs or those working in an environment where employees can wear casual clothes. For example, retail workers, food service workers, cashiers, and restaurant servers.

Formal Job Interview: Dressing formally is important when going into a job interview because it shows that you are serious about the position. It also lets the interviewer know that you take time putting together your appearance before going out for any occasion.

People should dress neatly and professionally formal when they go onto a job interview because this will make them look like someone who is enough to represent their company well if they were hired. For example, accountants, managers, customer service representatives, and office assistants.

Professional Job Interview: When going into a professional job interview, you should wear something very formal but is also appropriate for the profession you are applying to work in.

People should wear nice slacks, blouses with business skirts or button-down shirts, preferably with closed-toe shoes and heels when going on a professional job interview. Since companies want employees who can fit into their corporate culture, wearing something like this will show them that you will fit well within it if they hire you—for example, teachers, lawyers, and medical assistants.

Fix Your Hair

Make sure your hair is neat and well-groomed, especially facial hair. Avoid wearing excessive cologne or perfume as this may be overwhelming. Before going into a job interview, people should always make sure that their hair is fixed and looks good.

If your hair is particularly unruly, then you should get it fixed and get a haircut. If you couldn’t book an appointment with a salon, get a good pair of haircutting or barber’s scissors and give yourself a trim. Using the right pair of scissors matter so you can get the job done as a professional would. Even if you are not going into a job interview, people should still take the time to do their hair because this lets people know that they care about how they present themselves in public.

Keep Your Nails Clean

Make sure your nails are clean and well-groomed. Keep them clean and short. If your nails are longer, make sure to keep them filed back, so you don’t scratch someone accidentally. Also, do not chew on your nails in public.

If you do bite on your nails or have an unconscious nervous action such as chewing on a pencil, make sure you find a way to stop it because this is unprofessional behavior. This mindset alone will make an employer think twice about hiring someone with bad habits like these even before starting to work for them.

Do Not Wear Too Much Makeup

Wearing too much makeup can distract the interviewer because they may be worried about how it looks instead of paying attention to what you’re saying. Only apply as much as necessary as this shows that you care enough about yourself to look presentable in public and keep from being distracted by your makeup.

In addition, people should only have clear glasses frames if they have prescription lenses to see their eyes when talking to them.

Do Not Use Your Phone During The Job Interview

People should completely stay away from their phones during the job interview because this will make them look like someone who is not suited for the position they are trying to hire. If you need to, switch your phone to silent mode so it does not ring or vibrate if someone calls or texts you.

If you bring your phone with you, do not play games on it nor check social media websites like Facebook and Twitter because this gives off the impression that people are uninterested in what others might say about them if they see something posted, which could damage their reputation.

Keep Note of Other Small Details

Avoid chewing gum during the entire process. And make sure you check yourself out beforehand by bringing along a small mirror for last-minute checks & such.

You want to stand out but not unattractively; avoid clothes with logos or obscene language printed across them. Avoid large clothing as well & be sure to dress smart and professional.

Just be yourself and dress nicely — get to know the company beforehand, so you get an idea of what they like their employees to wear. Say thank you after the interview and follow any other instructions they give you. Good luck with your future job interviews!