Innovating your product packaging? Here’s how you can use QR codes

Are you overlooking your product packaging? If yes, let us stop you right there! The way your product packaging looks and feels is equally important as your product. Do you know how many customers believe that packaging influences their buying decision? A whopping72%.

As per the latest reports from the Smithers Pira organization, the demand for the global packaging industry shall be worth$1.05 trillion by 2024. Furthermore, the digital printing packaging market will be worth$28 billion by 2024.If we follow these statistics, it will be safe to say that what you put on your product packaging is equally important than what’s inside!

Consequently, many brands and businesses have adopted different strategies to make their product packaging more appealing. For instance, printing consumers’ names on the bottles. Brands leveraging a QR code generator for consumer packaged goods are taking a step further to drive sales and boost engagement. Want to know how? Keep reading.

QR codes are highly versatile and can be used in various simple yet effective ways to improve product packaging. And why not do it, since now you know it impacts your sales? So without further ado, here’s how you can use a QR code generator for consumer packaged goods –

Sharing Clear and Concise Product Information

If one of the goals of product packaging is enticing consumers, the other is sharing valuable product information. Customers are more likely to buy a product when they feel the brand is safe, has nothing to hide, and is 100% vested in customer interest and benefit.

A QR code for product information makes this easier since it requires less space on the product packet, goes well with the aesthetics, and is easy to incorporate. Another advantage of using a QR code for product information is that it allows you to share detailed information without making it look clumsy. Furthermore, you can share this information via a photo, document, or video.

Collecting Valuable Feedback

It is almost impossible to survey all your audiences about how they feel about your product. Also, what if they want to share something, but you aren’t surveying at that time? Also, the customer feedback may sometimes get lost in the noise of social media conversation. So how do you ensure you listen to your audience and incorporate them? By adding a QR code on your packaging that redirects your customers to a form or website where they can share their experience – good or bad.

Engaging Your Customers in Contests

Want your customers to talk about you on social media? The best way is to engage them in a contest that needs them to tag you on social media. And what better way than using QR codes that builds excitement?

You can use QR code generator platforms like Flowcode to personalize QR codes. Consequently, you can design aesthetic QR codes that meet your product’s packaging needs and brand’s aesthetics while serving its purpose.

Sharing Promo Codes or Discount Coupons

Another way to keep your customers engaged and connected with your brand is by offering timely promo codes or discount coupons that can be redeemed later. You may design and develop a QR code that redirects your customer to a website where they have to spin the wheel or answer a simple question to unlock the code or coupon. Again, you can design a personalized QR code to make it attractive.

Providing Visual Cues

Another way to upgrade your packaging from boring to innovative is by sharing videos with the help of QR codes. These videos may include snippets of the manufacturing process, brand stories, customer testimonials, how to use the product, and more. Make sure you support these codes with a line or two indicating what the customers can expect. This will increase the chances of them scanning the code.

Digital Lookbook

Are you a brand with multiple products? If the customer has bought one, what are the chances of them purchasing another product from your portfolio? The answer may be debatable, but you can always increase the stakes by providing your customers with a digital lookbook of your products with the help of a QR code. You may also include a link to your eCommerce website for instant shopping when redirecting your customers.

Product Tracking

Keeping track of minute details like product manufacturing batch, manufacturing date, serial number, etc., may not always be possible, especially when done manually. A QR code for product tracking can come in handy. You can store all this information on the QR code and track where the product is – at the manufacturing unit, warehouse, or delivered. Similarly, it may help your customers when they want to replace or return the order.

Wrapping Up

The use of QR codes is rising, and you must use them for your products if you see the potential. They may be the easiest ways to reach your customers. And Flowcode can make it easier to do so. It allows you to customize the codes, see real-time engagement data, offer printing support, and more! In short, it’s your one-stop solution for QR code needs. So why wait? Start now!