Why Should You Choose to Work with One Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Property in Dubai?

Your home is certainly your biggest asset, and it likely has sentimental value for you. The stress and back-and-forth with several real estate agents will be reduced when you choose real estate agents in Dubai whom you can trust to sell or lease your house. This will also ensure you obtain the most money possible.

Your neighborhood is well-known to our representatives! They only operate in your area to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the products they are marketing. You will receive information that is focused entirely on your neighborhood, and occasionally even your block, right from the real estate front line!

Buyers will get the accurate impression of your property that you want them to have when you list it with the agent you trust. There won’t be any misunderstanding because the property will be listed at a price you are comfortable with and have agreed upon with the agent. Buyers will be aware that your property is actually up for sale and will be informed of all the pertinent information. By getting a property valuation in Dubai you will also be clear on the accurate value of your property to get maximum returns.

A Label of Being “Unsellable”

What do you think about seeing the same house marketed practically everywhere for months on end? that you must see the property? or that there is likely a problem with it? Many prospective buyers view a protracted and obvious lack of interest as a red flag, especially if it’s clear the seller or landlord has decreased the price once or more times. In contrast to ubiquity, scarcity is desired.

An Agent Acting as the Driving Force

An agent is more likely to work harder to sell or rent a property if they are acquainted with the owner and have given them an exclusive listing. You would believe that having numerous agents advertise will encourage them to compete to find a buyer as quickly as possible, but in truth, they are more likely to wonder if it is worth the time and effort if they could lose out to a rival and receive no commission at all.


It is considerably more difficult to prevent extra, dishonest brokers from copying the advertisement and including it among their own listings without the owner’s approval if a property is listed with many agents. Unauthorized advertisements generally suggest a price far lower than the market value, drawing in unwary clients who are later informed that the property has been sold and instead shown others on the shady agent’s books.

Checked Listings

One of the reasons Propertyfinder Group created the free-to-use Verified Listings service, which gives preference to homes for which we’ve seen evidence verifying the advertisement is accurate and the broker has the authorization to market it, was clickbait property advertisements. Verified Listings are cycled on our homepage and receive additional ranking points on propertyfinder.ae.

Showing Excess Supply

Multiple property listings give the impression that there are many more units for sale than there actually are. Another reason to reduce the clutter of duplicate advertisements is that oversupply, or even just the idea of it, can cause selling prices to decline.

Abiding Law

Multiple listings are not only ineffective, but they may also be against the law in Dubai, where the real estate regulation only permits potential sellers to work with a maximum of three agents at once.

Pick Wisely

It’s much more crucial to pick the best real estate agent if you follow our recommendations and decide to work with just one. Although we don’t deny that a personal connection with an agent can help sell your home, it’s important to remember that a lot of research and legwork needs to be done as well. Ultimately, whichever real estate agent you choose should be someone who can not only help you sell your home but also someone who you trust and feel comfortable collaborating with.